We stand corrected

Regular readers will recall that – just a few days ago – we uploaded a video of the Bagger 288 bucket wheel excavator that had been animated to become the world’s most awesome Transformer EVER.

Wellin our excitement, we claimed that the Bagger 288 was the largest land vehicle in the world. As several readers have pointed out, while this was the case when the monster machine was built, it has since been dwarfed by its bigger brother, the Bagger 293 which is working in a coal mine in Germany.

Standing 30-storeys tall and weighing in at more than 14,000 tonnes, the Bagger 293 is the length of two football fields and is capable of producing 12 tonnes of coal per second. It is best summed up in the video below by our old buddy and journalist Mike Woof: “It is like an ocean liner on land”.

Prepare to be astounded:

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