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TWO NEW Bobcat Attachments

Building on the success of the company’s current portfolio of self-levelling planer attachments, Bobcat has added two new model sizes – the PSL50 (50 cm width) and PSL120 (120 cm width) planers – for use with Bobcat high flow compact loaders. The two new planer attachments have been introduced to meet customer demands.

The PSL50 offers the same features as the existing PSL60 60 cm model with self-levelling, side-shift and tilting. The size of the PSL50 planer is particularly suited to the requirements of fibre optic projects.

The new PSL120 shares the same features as the existing PSL100 100 cm width model, with self-levelling, side-shift and tilting and is ideal for road maintenance, where the increased width can provide 20% more productivity.

Both planers are compatible with the Bobcat water kit, which also comes in two new versions to match the PSL50 and PSL120, respectively.

The new PSL50 50 cm self-levelling planer is approved for use on Bobcat S530H, S550H, S570H, S590H, S630H, S650H, S770H and S850H skid-steer loaders; the T590H, T650H, T770H and T870H compact tracked loaders and the A770H all-wheel steer loader.

The PSL120 120 cm planer can be used on the S630H, S650H, S770H and S850H skid-steer loaders; the T650H, T770H and T870H compact tracked loaders and the A770H all-wheel steer loader.

The PSL50 and PSL120 planers weigh 870 and 1145 kg and offer cutting depths with a standard drum of 17 and 13 cm and maximum cutting angles left and right of +/- 15° and +/- 8°, respectively.

The fully hydraulic design of the self-levelling planers ensures all functions can be controlled from the operator seat. The self-levelling system also offers the advantage of maintaining a constant planing depth, independent of the position of the planer, even, for example, when the loader lift arm position changes or when the loader drives over bumps or debris.

The expanded family of self-levelling models is part of a wide range of planers from Bobcat for high flow models from 45-120 cm in width, providing increased productivity for maintenance and repair work on asphalt and concrete surfaces. Bobcat planers are designed for a range of applications from milling surfaces to repairing potholes and cracks and for work around manholes. Other uses include creating cuts for recessed lane markers; matching uneven pavement surfaces; producing vertical edges for pavement repairs; cutting drainage in parking lots and for tapering edges of roadways.

The planer range represents just one of over 70 different types of Bobcat attachment that can be combined quickly and safely with Bobcat compact loaders, via the quick-change Bob-Tach attachment mounting system, delivering versatility and time-saving efficiency across a huge range of different applications.

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