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Turquoise Twosome

Bobcat Bensheim, the company owned store for Bobcat in Germany, has delivered two new Bobcat S450 compact loaders to Oliver Pöllmann GmbH, based in Bubach in the Hunsrück area of Germany.

Pöllmann works mainly in inner-city and other urban areas in the Rhine-Main region offering a range of civil engineering services including work on road projects, cable laying and utilities infrastructure. Oliver Pöllmann, Managing Director of the long-established company, had been thinking about expanding his fleet for some time and decided to purchase skid-steer loaders instead of conventional wheel loaders.

The two new Bobcat S450 skid-steer loaders have been delivered in the turquoise blue company colours of the Pöllmann business. In addition to the typical Bobcat controls, both machines are fully equipped with a spacious cab and heating, with a deluxe display and a hinged rotating warning beacon for operation in inner-city areas.

“We do not see any real alternative to the skid-steer loader when we talk about performance and compactness,” says Oliver Pöllmann. “For us it is important that we can transport the machine quickly and easily from A to B, that it is as robust as possible and very manoeuvrable, especially in the tightest spaces. Only Bobcat skid-steer loaders offer these features – an ordinary wheel loader just cannot match them.”

Pöllmann uses its new Bobcat S450 skid-steer loaders to transport barriers, tools and stacked paving on construction sites with pallet forks. Working with a 7.5 tonne truck, which brings ballast to the site, the skid-steer loaders ensure fast filling of open trenches and also feed a small road paver when the truck is in transit.

“Our company bought its first Bobcat 743 skid-steer loader in 1986 and we were always satisfied with the performance of the machine,” says Pöllmann. “…the advantage of the Bobcat skid-steer loader is clear: thanks to the hydraulic power we can operate different attachments, such as a demolition hammer, auger or a brush.”

When Pöllmann needs special attachments, these can easily be rented from Bobcat Bensheim. The service and financing options offered by Bobcat Bensheim are also key in the decision-making criteria for customers like Pöllmann, when purchasing new equipment – and the partnership between Pöllmann and Bobcat Bensheim has existed for many years.

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