Transformers, Roll Out!

Weighing in at 13,500 tonnes, the Krupp Bagger 288 bucket wheel excavator is not only the largest item of plant you’re ever likely to see; it is also the largest land vehicle in the world. The machine is equipped with 18 individual 6.6 cubic metre capacity buckets. Together, they can excavate 240,000 tonnes of overburden per day; that’s the equivalent of a football field dug to a 30 metre (98 feet) depth.

You would think that would be plenty impressive enough for anyone, right? But animator Dan DeEntremont decided to take things a stage further and has turned the Bagger 288 into a fire-breathing Transformer that would make the Decepticons look like so much scrap metal and Optimus Prime and his Autobot band of Inter-Galactic do-gooders look like a child’s Meccano experiment.

So sit back and re-live your youth as Dan DeEntremont turns the Bagger 288 into the greatest, most awesome Transformer you’ve ever seen:

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