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Safe introduction to diggers


In days of yore, children would happily accompany their fathers to site and spend many a happy weekend up to their elbows in mud and grease, slowly developing a life-long fascination with construction equipment. Today, children are more likely to have their nose pressed to an iPhone or iPad screen, playing a mindless game that is unlikely to result in a career unless there is a need to demolish houses using catapulted birds.

However, at long last there is a solution that has a foot (or should that be track) in both camps; a mobile app for children that is crammed full of high-quality digger and dozer images, sounds and videos.

“100 Diggers application brings to life large construction diggers and equipment,” says 100 Things marketing manager Marina Christos. “With 100 Diggers and Excavators, children are entertained in an environment safe from third-party ads and in-app purchases. We believe that third-party advertising in apps geared toward children is irresponsible. Our apps contain no ads and are free from in-app purchases, it’s a better way for kids to spend time on mobile devices”

To check out the app, visit the Apple App Store or the Google Apps Marketplace.

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