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Pushing the envelope

JCB might be a relative newcomer tot he site dumper sector. But JCB is continuing to push the envelope in dumper design, this time with the launch of its first ever electric site dumper with the unveiling of a one tonne high-tip model powered by lithium-ion battery technology. Designed to work indoors, underground and in emissions-sensitive areas, the 1TE electric dumper is an ideal partner for JCB’s market-leading 19C-1E electric mini excavator.

The 1T-E site dumper is a durable, compact machine with a full steel skip and heavy-duty articulated chassis. The machine replaces the individual wheel motors of the hydrostatic 1T-2 with conventional drive axles and a drop box, to provide full-time all-wheel drive. A 7kW hydraulic motor delivers drive to the drop box, while a second hydraulic pump is used to power the machine’s standard hydraulic circuit, for steering and skip lift.

The power is supplied by two 5 kWh lithium-ion batteries, capable of providing full shift operation in normal use. The batteries can be recharged from conventional site electrical supplies, with 110V and 230V cables available. In addition, the optional JCB Universal Charger can be used to rapid charge the batteries for extended operation.

Designed primarily for European and North American markets, the 1TE delivers zero emissions at the point of use and low noise levels, making it ideal for indoor, underground and emissions-sensitive working sites. A ROPS frame is standard, along with LED amber and green lap-belt beacons. The dumper also comes with powerful LED working lights, providing maximum visibility in low light conditions. Productivity and performance are identical to the conventional diesel model, both in travel speeds and in tipping cycle times. The machine offers a maximum payload of 1,000 kg and a maximum load over height of 2,392 mm.

Diggers and Dozers hosted an exclusive LIVE video show to mark the launch of these significant new machines. You can see that video here.

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