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O’Donovan invests in bespoke telematics


O’Donovan Waste Disposal, one of London’s leading waste management company, is investing £80,000 in telematics monitoring equipment for its vehicles to help deliver improved driver performance in terms of safety and the environment.

The investment forms part of the company’s commitment to set the benchmark when it comes to commercial vehicle management, while the sustainability benefits delivered also support its Greener Vision Strategy – aiming to reduce O’Donovan’s impact on the environment.

Bespoke telematics technology has been fitted to each of the company’s 75 vehicles and has been designed specifically to meet O’Donovan’s exact requirements. This means that driver behaviour can be monitored in real time and driving patterns can be identified so that potential training needs are recognised at an early stage. Specifically the new equipment will enable O’Donovan to analyse driver performance regarding driving style, speed, braking, cornering and idling. The resulting data enables O’Donovan to train and educate its drivers on the most economical, safe and green driving techniques.

As well as increasing the knowledge of the drivers, the telematics will also contribute to reducing the risk of accidents and improve road safety as well as minimising the O’Donovan fleet’s carbon impact.

Jacqueline O’Donovan, managing director of O’Donovan Waste Disposal, comments: “As a company we are committed to operating to the highest standards when it comes to driver behaviour. We are constantly out on London’s busy roads, so it’s vitally important that all meet the standards we expect. We have found that sharing the data, and recognising successes has really engaged all our drivers and they are keen to analyse their own data and deliver the required changes.

“With technology at the forefront of everyday transportation, telematics systems bring real benefits for both fleet managers and drivers alike, helping them do their jobs more effectively and safely as well as being more environmentally friendly.”

As well as using the latest telematics to help educate drivers, O’Donovan ensures that its drivers meet the highest standards through an ongoing commitment to training. For example, all drivers undertake NVQs, SAFED (Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving) certification and the company runs regular driver CPC courses in house. O’Donovan also encourages its team to take part in the Metropolitan Police and Transport for London’s Exchanging Places events, where cyclists learn about the challenges HGV drivers face on London’s roads.

The £80,000 investment will be spent over the next three years so that O’Donovan can continue to improve its fleet’s performance and ensure that it consistently operates in the most efficient, safe and environmentally friendly manner.

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