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NEW Komatsu Compact Loader

The new Komatsu WA100M‐8 Compact Wheel Loader proposes new and improved features. It provides effortless and low‐cost operations with a powerful EU Stage IV engine and the proven Komatsu Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system, a new ergonomic design, a high level of standard specifications and an array of new options.

On construction sites, in the recycling industry or for agricultural jobs, with the hydraulic quick‐coupler, Easy Fork kinematic and a wide range of available attachments, the Komatsu WA100M‐8 is a reliable and versatile tool.

“The WA100M‐8 is built on the strong base of the WA100M‐7” says Sebastian Zienau, Product Manager at Komatsu Europe. “And with its many new features and options it opens up a whole new range of versatility. We’re really looking forward to offering such a flexible machine to our customers.”

The WA100M‐8 has an operating weight of 7,200 kg. Its EU Stage IV Komatsu SAA4D94LE‐3 engine is also more powerful with 70 kW net. Optimised for tough construction applications, it delivers high torque even at low rpms. A fully automatic hydrostatic transmission sends power to all four wheels.

With high rimpull, superior breakout power, high lifting and dumping height, and enough reserves for even the most difficult ground conditions, the WA100M‐8 also features low fuel consumption. The operator can rely on Easy Fork kinematic to transport loads with Komatsu pallet forks parallel to the ground without readjusting the fork tines.

The after‐treatment system includes an integrated Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. NOx emissions are reduced by 80% using AdBlue®, protecting the operator and bystanders and making the WA100M‐8 ideal for indoor applications.

For improved versatility, available options include increased travel speed (40km/h), new high flow hydraulics, a new height‐adjustable trailer hitch, and new 3rd & 4th hydraulic circuits on the rear of the machine.

For maximum operational safety, the machine’s low centre of gravity enhances stability, and its compact dimensions and a new engine hood ensure exceptional all‐round visibility.

The new large multifunctional high‐resolution TFT‐LCD widescreen colour monitor panel has 13 built-in languages. The improved, ergonomic controls include a PPC multi‐function lever with optional electronic control for 3rd and 4th spool (EPC). The optional air conditioner and Electronic Controlled Suspension System (ECSS) further improve comfort and productivity.

All maintenance and service can be performed easily and quickly thanks to the tilting cab. The optional hydraulic cab tilting pump allows the operator to perform maintenance even on the job site. The engine hood opens widely for a quick daily inspection, the electric equipment is well protected behind a maintenance cover, and the easy‐to‐clean radiator is conveniently accessible. A compartment for battery, main switch and relays improves maintenance access to the electrical system.

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