MB enters Wayne’s world


Wayne Davis Construction recently became the first company in the region to implement the one-of-a-kind MB Crusher Bucket at select job sites. The proprietary technology, manufactured by US-based MB America, is used throughout a multitude of industries including construction and excavation, road work, quarries, mines, environmental reclamation projects and more, is used to crush and recycle inert materials on-site for reuse as gravel and fill. Already prevalent all over Europe, MB Crusher Buckets are rapidly gaining popularity in North America as businesses strive to become ‘greener.’

“We are thrilled to introduce MB Crusher Buckets to our job sites in an effort to reduce waste and decrease overall costs,” said Todd David, managing partner of Wayne Davis Construction. “As companies in all industries work to become more environmentally responsible, we felt it was extremely important to make an investment that would allow us to significantly reduce waste at our job sites.”

MB S.p.A., which is the parent company of MB America, was founded in Italy in 2001 and is the worldwide leader in the production and marketing of equipment, machinery and accessories in the fields of earth movement, demolition and recycling. MB America, located in Reno, NV, is the national distributor for sales and service in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. MB’s wide range of products, which include crusher buckets, screening buckets, universal quick couplings and iron separators are constantly expanded and rigorously certified, maximizing their impact on the reduction of processing costs and times as well as material transports, all the while significantly contributing to environmental protection.

“There really isn’t any other technology on the market like the MB Crusher Buckets and we’re thrilled to be working with Wayne Davis Construction to help establish them as model for clean development,” said Miriano Ravazzolo, CEO of MB America. “We are committed to working with a variety of industries and businesses of all sizes and look forward to creating long-lasting relationships with companies throughout North America.”

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