Man vs Machine Easter Egg Scramble

It is that time of year when diets are cast aside like so much dirty laundry in order to celebrate the resurrection of the Son of God via the mass consumption of chocolate (no, we can’t see the connection either).

So what better time to pit one brave man against one machine in a race against the clock to see which can collect the most Easter Eggs?

Before anyone complains about our choice of One Direction-branded Easter eggs for this stunt, we would like to point out that this is in no way a statement on the band’s music (which, admittedly, is terrible). It was purely that their Easter eggs were the cheapest we could find!

Our thanks to the team at Diggerland in Kent for making this film possible, and to C&D Consultancy for providing the spiffing shirt worn by the sure-to-be-Oscar-nominated male lead:

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