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Kobelco stages ConExpo comeback

The name Kobelco has been strangely absent from the North American market since its licensing agreement with CNH petered out ore than a year ago. But ConExpo 2014 marked a remarkable comeback for the popular brand and, perhaps more importantly, a new direction too.

The company is building a new US headquarters in Texas that is scheduled to open later this year. Furthermore, the company expressed plans to open a manufacturing facility in the US in the not too distant future.

Most exciting of all, however, was the unveiling of several new excavator models including the SK1000 DLC high reach demolition machine; the first of 19 demolition spec excavators destined for the North American market.

The SK1000 DLC competes in the 100 ton class and boasts a reach of 38 metres (124 feet) with a 2.5 tonne (5,500 lb) attachment.

European demolition contractors will have to wait to get their hands on the new SK000 DLC and the other variants from the Kobelco range. While the manufacturer admits that it is keeping an open mind, there are no plans to offer these models in Europe at present.

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