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Kobelco expands mini offering

Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe B.V. (KCME) is pleased to announce the introduction of seven mini excavators to its impressive line up of construction and earth moving machinery. The additions consist of four new conventional-type machines to market and three revisions of proven Short Radius machines. The placement of the new conventional mini excavators provides customers with machines that are easily transportable and deliver exceptional work performance in all areas of site work and location.

Transportation to site is a key factor for mini excavators in all operating classes. The new Kobelco machines feature compact size and weight dimensions to allow site-to-site transportation by car and trailer (subject to individual country licensing laws), or space saving commercial delivery loads. The benefits of which are many: reduction in transport costs, rapid delivery/pick up times, greater customer reach and working role.

The introduction of seven Kobelco mini excavators readily covers customer requirements for nimble, powerful and reliable machines to work in small working areas within suburban and site environments often associated with small-scale contractors and home users. The machines are ideally placed to cover high volume working classes from 0-3 tonne and each class features short radius (SR – zero tail swing) and conventional machines to suit all working roles:

The conventional models carry the usual Kobelco attributes of exceptional work load and travel performance, large cab environment for operator comfort and wide visibility. Machine configuration can be adapted from standard to extend capability, an ideal solution for users requiring true multi-role capability when faced with varied working areas and conditions. The three zero tail swing (0 mm overhang) models – a Kobelco-inspired industry standard – are among the most compact in class and excel in tight, challenging work conditions especially in urban/populated environments.

Performance, reliability and easy service assistance come as standard with the latest Yanmar engines that ably power the seven mini excavators. Clean and powerful operating performance also delivers superior fuel efficiency and the desired low-operating cost that is expected from Kobelco. The conventional models (SK16, SK18, SK22, SK26) are compact and powerful and designed for tight working environments but are equally at home on major sites where exceptional digging/lifting power is required especially within the 1.7 and 2.7 tonne classes. All day working performance is further aided with operator comfort courtesy of a large cab and refined operator controls.

While the SK10SR-3, SK17SR-5 and SK25SR-6 feature zero tail swing and compact dimensions to allow them to be used in the most restrictive of spaces, another feature is the retractable crawler system (SK10SR-3, SK17SR-5). This driver-cab operated system gives a larger foot-print for additional working stability on loose terrain and also incorporates self-cleaning frames when reset to normal operation. A fully opening engine bay door ensures ease of daily maintenance and required durability. The new dozer blade design (SK10SR-3, SK17SR-5) features a cutting edge to add another dimension to their practicality.

Commenting on the introduction of the latest Kobelco mini excavator range, KCME Product Marketing Manager, Marcel van der Winden said: “The introduction of seven mini excavators, including four new conventional-type machines, reinforces Kobelco as the global market-leader in the excavator market. We have the ability to react to market requirements and have responded accordingly to our customers’ needs.

“In this present day, more and more mini excavators are required to work in differing conditions by people with different skill sets and this means our customers require machines that are easy to learn and use while maintaining efficiency and productivity with the highest possible level of reliability and, more importantly, safety. Kobelco machinery typifies such requirements.”

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