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JCB Delivers on Dumper Promise

JCB will show two models, from its all-new nine-model site dumpers line-up, at this year’s Executive Hire Show. The flagship 7T-1Hi-Viz Front-Tip dumper will be unveiled, alongside a 3-tonne swivel-tip model, demonstrating the versatility and design innovation of this new British-built site dumper range that will be backed by a two-year JCB warranty.

JCB has developed a completely new range of site dumpers that are easy to operate, reliable, durable and quick to turnaround for a rental company. The line-up includes a 1-tonne high-tip, 3-tonne front and swivel tip with a choice of transmissions, 6-tonne front and swivel tip and a 9-tonne front tip model. The flagship of the new JCB site dumper range is the Hi-Viz 7-tonne model, an innovative new, ground-up look at site dumper design.

As part of an industry-wide forum that is bringing together new guidance for site dumper safety, following a number of incidents and serious accidents in the UK, JCB has moved the market forwards with the launch of the Hi-Viz 7-tonne model. The 7T-1 Front Tip Hi-Viz model addresses the key safety concerns experienced on construction sites today – visibility, stability and operator protection.

By using a low-slung chassis design and revised skip, the operator benefits from huge improvements in front visibility. Compared to a conventional 6-tonne dumper when laden, the 7T-1 Hi-Viz model offers a 77% improvement in visibility. The operator is able to see a 1.4m object as a distance of 1.0m from the machine when laden, and 0.8m height at a distance of 1.0m when unladen, far exceeding legislative requirements. Crucially this is direct line of vision, there is no requirement for additional visibility aids such as mirrors, cameras or object detection systems.

The risk of a machine overturn is also significantly reduced due to the vast improvement in stability. By increasing the wheelbase, widening the wheel track and lowering the skip height, stability is improved in all directions. The payload centre of gravity is reduced by 16%. Despite extending the wheelbase, manoeuvrability is not compromised. By extending the steering lock to 35, this enables the Hi-Viz model to maintain the turning circle comparable to a regular 6-tonne model.

New levels of operator protection are assured through the fitment of the JCB SiteSafe cab as standard. This ROPS/FOPS Level II cab features a reinforced frame and impact protective front screen, designed and tested to withstand a front dump impact and side slewing impact from a 13-tonne excavator. A retractable Hi-Viz orange lap belt keeps the operator safe and comfortable, with a clever sequenced drive-inhibit system ensuring the lap belt is worn. The operator must be sat in the seat with the lap belt buckled in order to engage drive. On first machine movement an audible alarm alerts any person in the vicinity of the dumper’s imminent movement. A speedometer ensures the operator is always aware of the travel speed, to comply with site restrictions.

JCB will provide a site dumper solution for every industry requirement, including 1-tonne high-tip and 3-tonne front and swivel-tip models, ideal for housebuilding, landscaping and groundworks. Designed and built with JCB durability and reliability, these smaller models also benefit from a folding ROPS frame and a start-inhibiting seat switch.

The 3-tonne swivel-tip and front-tip dumpers are offered with a choice of hydrostatic or manual transmissions, 360 service access is possible through a tilting seat base and opening rear engine canopy. Proven Kubota diesel engines deliver low cost, ease of service and fast turnaround for rental users. The dumpers feature a fully protected rear end design with number plate and road lights positioned away from potential danger. An all-steel construction reduces repair costs and provides improved durability, with a proven Kubota engine and Dana drivetrain, standard two-year JCB warranty and optional LiveLink telematics, guaranteeing peace of mind.

JCB’s site dumper range offers customers a completely new range of innovative, reliable and easy to operate machines, that take site safety to a new level. Designed to be compliant with all current and future legislation and standards, the JCB site dumper line-up provides the perfect complement to JCB’s earthmoving equipment.

“By deciding to design and manufacture our own range, we have taken the opportunity to innovate and to move the market forward to a new level of safety and productivity,” says Tim Burnhope, JCB Chief Innovation and Growth Officer.

“This is good news for everyone in the construction industry. We believe that the JCB site dumper range, led by its flagship Hi-Viz 7-tonne machine, offers a safer solution for customers and it is a clear demonstration of JCB’s innovative approach to machine design and development.”

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