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Epiroc HB 2500

Portugal-based Secil Britas S.A. is a Secil Group company specialising in aggregates. Its main activities are managing quarries, mining and marketing aggregates and providing services related to the company’s activities and the group’s cement factories as well as services for a few external clients.

Since gypsum is a key component in cement manufacture, the Secil Group acquired a gypsum mine called Picotas n°1 in Souto da Carpalhosa in the Portuguese municipality of Leiria.

Production serves exclusively to meet the group’s needs. The mine produces grey gypsum with an S03 content ideally of 28%, which is added to the end product during cement production at Secil’s cement works in Maceira, Pataias and Outão.

The mined material has a maximum particle size of 400 mm thanks to the use of a hydraulic breaker. It is then ground further during a fine crushing process in a hammer mill, thus ensuring the end product has a particle size of 0 to 80 mm.

A demolition breaker and a ripper are the preferred mechanical tools to mine the quarry. The excavator used is a Volvo EC360 with an Epiroc HB 2500 hydraulic breaker featuring the self-priming lubrication device ContiLube (r) II, the DustProtector sealing system and the Intelligent Protection System IPS, which has been integrated into all heavy-duty hydraulic breakers as standard since 2018.

AutoControl and StartSelect have been popular features in Epiroc hydraulic breakers for some years now. AutoControl optimises breaker performance by adjusting the stroke length automatically. The StartSelect system allows users to switch between two modes: AutoStart mode ensures easy positioning at the start of the breaking cycle while AutoStop mode stops the breaker automatically to avoid blank firing at the end of the breaking cycle. These two functions are now integrated into Epiroc’s patented Intelligent (IPS) Protection System. IPS ensures that the hydraulic breaker always commences work in AutoStart mode. It automatically activates AutoStop mode when the contact pressure between the chisel and material increases and AutoControl automatically switches from a short stroke to a long stroke. The breaker shuts off automatically to prevent blank firing when the chisel breaks through the material.

Armindo Bonifácio is responsible for excavator and hydraulic breaker operation in the Picotas n° 1 quarry. Highly satisfied with productivity and output, he stresses how important the HB 2500 is for production in the quarry.

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