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Dirty tricks campaign

Andy Edwards, owner of Pirtek Swindon and Pirtek Westbury, is fighting back after becoming the target of a “dirty tricks” campaign in which a competitor has attempted to undermine staff and customer confidence and morale by starting a scurrilous (and entirely false) rumour that Pirtek Swindon and Pirtek Westbury had fallen out of favour with Pirtek UK. “When I first heard about it, I was furious,” Edwards recalls. “But, with the benefit of hindsight, it is almost flattering. We have established such an excellent reputation that the only way that a rival can compete is through lies and deceit.” Unfortunately for that rival company, the dirty tricks campaign has truly backfired. Edwards says that the vicious rumours have galvanised his team to aim even higher. “Our team took this very personally,” he says. “Like me, they live and breathe Pirtek and any attempt to undermine that will merely make us all work harder.” Pirtek Swindon and Pirtek Westbury customers have also been unmoved by the dirty tricks. “Our customers want their problems resolved quickly, efficiently, safely and cost-effectively. They are not interested in petty politics or what the rumour mill has to say,” Edwards concludes. “For almost a quarter of a century, we have consistently proven our commitment to our local customers and to the local community. nike air max 2017 soldes It would take a lot more than a few rumours to undo what we have accomplished in the past 24 years.” When asked for the secret of his 24 years (and counting) success, his response is rapid and laser focused. bottes ugg pas cher “Customer service and having the right team in place,” he says. “Customer service is at the heart of everything we do. nike pegasus From the day we opened our doors, we have had a policy that the customer is always right. We do not try to defend our mistakes. We do not duck when our mobile service vans arrive later than expected. Our entire team is honest and focused upon getting our customers problems resolved as quickly as possible.” That ethos is present in everything that Pirtek Swindon does. To satisfy the needs of its customers in the rail sector, Pirtek Swindon personnel have undergone specialist training to allow them to work trackside. The Centre now has seven mobile service vans on the road, each manned by a trained and qualified Mobile Sales and Service Technician (MSST) to ensure the fastest possible response to customer emergency calls. adidas femme soldes And the Centre has dedicated two members of staff – one based at the Centre; the other on the road – to satisfy the demands of the rail sector and the Armed Forces. “We are only ever as good as our last mistake,” Edwards asserts. “If we do a great job for a customer, they are unlikely to phone their friends and competitors to tell them just how good we are. But if we let a customer down, that news spreads like wildfire. Everyone at Pirtek Swindon – from the MSSTs through the admin staff to the trade counter and workshop staff – know that the customer comes first.” It is a policy that has clearly worked. Not content with running the highly successful Pirtek Swindon Centre, Edwards and his team helped rescue the once ailing Pirtek Westbury Centre. That Centre is now owned by Edwards and is already beginning to benefit from his “customer first” approach. “Pirtek Westbury has enormous potential but we’re starting from a less than perfect position,” Edwards explains.

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