Show Advice

[hw]Get the low down on how to navigate the huge Conexpo site in Las Vegas 2014[/hw]

Based on past experience of shows like ConExpo, Bauma and Intermat, Diggers and Dozers would like to offer some timely advice to anyone that plans to attend the Las Vegas show:

  • Clothing – Don’t be fooled by the fact that Vegas is in the desert. ConExpo can swing wildly from the blisteringly hot to the downright chilly, so go prepared.
  • Shoes – You know that really smart pair of shoes you own that make you look like a real player? Yeah, well leave them at home. ConExpo is massive; a real test of endurance. So forget style and opt for comfort.
  • Bags – The enthusiasts among you will be tempted to gather literature, merchandise and other such goodies from every show stand you visit. At 10 am, this will seem like a very good idea. At 5 pm, after you have carted around a rainforest-worth of paper for a full day, it will seem like a fool’s errand. Avoid.
  • Water – If the weather does turn warm, the promise of a cold beer in a quiet corner will hold and irresistible appeal. But beer will merely serve to dehydrate you so reach for the boring water instead.
  • Planning – The key to seeing all the key parts of the show lie in the planning. Make full use of the show guide to plan your route or, better still, download the smartphone app before you arrive.
  • Enjoy – Sure, we’re all going to Vegas because that’s what our work dictates. But Vegas is a fun place to be, the organisers of the show are helpful, and the stand staff are welcoming and friendly. So make sure you have some fun while you’re there. But, just remember – What happens in Vegas might just wind up on Diggers and Dozers!