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ConExpo launch pad for Cat 950 GC

Caterpillar announces availability of the Cat 950 GC Wheel Loader for sale in North America and Europe. The 950 GC delivers solid performance and ease of use with the reliability and durability Cat machines are known for.

The 950 GC is now configured to meet EU Stage IV emissions regulations for use in North America and Europe. The loader is well-suited for stockpiling, load-and-carry work, hopper charging and truck loading. On construction projects the 950 GC excels in site preparation, backfilling, general cleanup, medium duty pipe handling and material handling with pallet forks or a material handling arm.

Caterpillar’s Z-bar loader linkage on the 950 GC delivers digging capabilities and breakout force through the use of Cat Performance Series buckets and load sensing hydraulics, which provide on-demand hydraulic flow and pressure for the implement system only in the amount necessary to perform the task at hand. The 950 GC also offers a hinge pin height of 4 188 mm and 3 649 mm loader arm clearance for easy loading of high-wall trailers and charging of large hoppers.

A range of available work tools include Performance Series buckets, which boast a long floor, wide opening and curved side plates. The design enables operators of all experience levels to routinely attain 10 percent higher bucket fill factors as compared to legacy designs, ultimately improving cycle times and reducing fuel consumption. The Cat Fusion quick coupler and controls are also available, allowing the 950 GC to use a number of Cat work tools across multiple wheel loader models for added versatility. The quick-coupler control arrangement includes a dual tilt kick-out system for bucket return-to-dig and fork operations, selectable from the cab.

The Cat C7.1 ACERT engine generates a maximum power rating of 180 kW and meets EU Stage IV emissions standards with a fully automatic and passive regeneration system. This system lowers operating costs without the need for an ash service interval and has an overall DEF consumption of just 2 to 3 percent of fuel burned. No operator intervention is required, nor is there an impact to jobsite productivity.

The Engine Idle Management System, Engine Idle Shutdown and on demand cooling fan further optimise fuel efficiency while lowering operating sound levels. The 4F/3R electronically controlled countershaft, power-shift transmission, designed and built by Caterpillar, features high contact ratio gears to insure long life and enhanced resale value.

The interface panel display contains six analog-like gauges, coloured indicator lights and an LCD screen, all within easy view of the operator for safe and ergonomic use. Low-effort, pilot-operated implement controls, along with optional joystick implement control, feature an integrated kick-down switch and a remote directional shift switch for convenient use. The intuitive control system offers simple monitoring of machine systems and lends to the quick learning of loader operation, even for the operator with only a few hours in the seat.

Ladders and integrated handrails are located on both sides of the machine and provide access to the spacious cab or to service the engine air filter from a platform. A large roof-to-floor, distortion-free flat glass front windshield, standard rearview camera and exterior mirrors with integrated spot mirrors provide exceptional visibility. Standard air conditioning with 10 louvered vents aids operator comfort.

Hydraulic and electrical service centres provide ground-level access to grouped service points to reduce maintenance time. Large gull-wing side panels and a tilt-up rear grill provide unrestricted access to the radiators, filters and sampling ports. Grease fittings for difficult-to-reach components are conveniently grouped.

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