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Great Dane

To anyone in the UK construction equipment arena, the name Hydrema means just one thing:  Compact articulated dumptrucks.   Despite competing in a highly vertical niche, the Hydrema name has become synonymous with the compact ADTs that the Danish company helped to pioneer.

But scratch the surface and there’s more to Hydrema than just dumptrucks.   And, as visitors to PlantworX 2015 will testify, the wheeled excavators that lurk often unseen in the compay’s product range are well worth a second look.

The new MX series combines Hydrema’s tradition of ultra-compact wheeled excavators with the latest technology.   The MX14, MX16, and MX18 models are effective excavators that are claimed to be more compact than comparable machines on the market.

They are powered by a powerful Cummins QSB 4.5 L EPA stage 3b engine with maintenance-free catalyst, while advanced electronically-controlled hydraulics ensure that the machine is ready for all the different jobs and work tools needed over the course of the workday.

The ROPS cab is among the biggest on the market and with low noise level, high comfort, and simple controls, ensures an effective and comfortable workday.

Size, usability, and great performance make the MX series an extremely competitive machine which is also developed and produced based on Hydrema’s well-known high level of quality.

The MX series works effectively even in confined spaces, such as narrow streets, busy roads, and other areas with limited space.

The MX series’ very compact chassis has the shortest tail on the market, which specifically means that the machine can work where other machines do not have enough space.

The short swing circle and great performance in both breakout force and strength provide an extremely usable and flexible machine that can be used in many places under many different conditions.

The MX series comes into its own in urban areas where work is constricted by space or in congested work situations where the machine’s minimal swing radius and short back end are important. Combined with the MX series’ technology, features and many configuration options, it is the perfect City excavator.

The MXs have a high on-road speed, which reduces journey times between nearby jobs.

The environmentally-friendly Cummins QSB 4.5 EPA stage 3b engine provides plenty of power for digging.

Hose burst valves on the stabilizer, two-piece boom and dipper significantly increase safety during lifting jobs.

A dual-circuit electronically-controlled hydraulic system effectively adjusts the hydraulic power for any task.

There is also a hydrostatic high pressure system for the swing function, which gives the machine superior swing precision and low fuel consumption.

From the instrument panel, the operator can electronically adjust the optional hydraulic functions depending on the tools the machine is carrying and the oil flow and pressure required for the work.

The excavator’s range, digging depth, and strike height are among the best, which underscores the series’ versatility and usability. The dipper is available in lengths of 2.0 metre, 2.5 metre or 3.0 metre.

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