Yanmar has updated one of its most popular models, the SV26 excavator in order to make it more productive and user friendly.

The main change is seen in the tracks. As well as having a new design and more grip, they have increased in width from 250mm to 300mm increasing manoeuvrability.

With 15% less ground pressure, wear will reduce as well as the potential for damages to the ground. The blade has also been widened to accommodate the wider tracks, as well as full ram guard protection on the bucket, dipper and arm cylinders.

“Not only is tracking and stability better but the SV26 overall looks a more impressive machine,” says One customer who runs a number of SV26’s. “Our operators have noticed how work times are decreasing already. Well done Yanmar.”

Finally SV26 users will now find a reduction in cycle times and an upgrade in comfort due to automatic second speed now being fitted as standard. This means the speed is automatically determined by the required traction effort. Although users can still lock the machine in first speed via the switch on the blade lever.