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Yanmar adds new mini

With its compact dimensions, the SV26 is ideal for all urban and landscaping work. The very short tail swing is a real asset to work on particularly narrow jobsites. Its transport weight of 2,590 kg (with rubber tracks and cab) allows it to be transported on a small trailer or on a light vehicle. Its operating weight of 2,665 kg, associated with the optimization of the masses and volumes distribution, contributes to the SV26’s high lifting capacity.

The SV26 mini excavator is powered by a 3 cylinder Yanmar diesel engine with direct injection and a cylinder capacity of 1,330 cm3 which reduces fuel consumption and emissions while maintaining high power (17.4 kW at 2,400 rpm). It meets the highest standards in terms of exhaust gas emmissions.

Fuel consumption, which is already very low (less than 4 litres/hour), can be further reduced by installing an optional system that automatically reduces engine speed to idle when the machine has not been used for more than 4 seconds, and then accelerates again when necessary. By combining 3 movements simultaneously, the VIPPS hydraulic system (ViO Progressive 3-Pumps System) patented by Yanmar offers excellent performance, increased work speed and smooth operation. The optimal combination of its excavation forces (1,500 kgf at arm / 2,500 kgf at bucket) and its working cycles allows exceptional productivity.

ROPS – TOPS – FOPS certified cab provides ample workspace for maximum freedom of movement and the door opening was enlarged to facilitate the entry and exit of the machine. The ergonomics of the SV26 has been designed to offer maximum comfort to the operator. The positioning of the commands makes the job easier and more intuitive. Its suspension seat with multi-adjustable headrest and adjustable wrist rests reduce fatigue, particularly during lengthy jobs. The noise level in the cabin is only 77dBA while the cab suspension system dampens vibrations perceived by the operator. The new digital dashboard provides ongoing and full monitoring of the machine operation and increases operator safety by revealing any anomalies. The joystick on the right is equipped in standard with a knob for proportional control of auxiliary hydraulic circuits allowing precise and flexible use of accessories.

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