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World Book Day special offer…

One month from today (if you’re in the UK), while I am making ready to address several hundred schoolchildren at a Surrey school, you will likely be running around the house, desperately trying to find a suitable costume for your little darling who has just informed you that he/she has to go to school dressed as a character from a book.

Well, not only have we given you advance warning of the parental panic-fest that is World Book Day, we might even have some advice for you on the book and costume front.

For a period of one month – starting today – we are offering our two children’s books (My Dad Does Demolition and My Dad Drives a Digger) together in a cut-price twin-pack.   Both books retail for £4.99 plus postage and packing.   But, until World Book Day on 3 March, you can buy them both together for just £7.50 plus postage.

That means that when World Book Day finally rolls around, you can send your precious kiddy-winks off to school in a hard hat and one of your old high vis’ vests, clutching a copy of one of these books.   Your children will stand out from the 29 Harry Potters in their class, they will wave the flag for construction and demolition and – best of all – you won’t be spending the morning attempting to fashion a wizard’s costume and wand from an old pair of curtains and a stick.

You can buy our book twin-pack here.

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