Volvo CE is helping Fehrbellin-based farmer, Rhinmilch, maintain its position as one of the most powerful dairy producers in the state of Brandenburg, Germany.

Rhinmilch runs seven Volvo CE wheel loaders across the giant 4,250 hectare farm to provide a total of 5,100 cattle (including 1,750 dairy cows) with clean, comfortable bedding, and fresh food. The six L30Gs and L60G were purchased over several years through Swedish dealer Swecon.

“Great service is what defines our strong relationship with Volvo machines,” says Riestock. “We have been working with Swecon salesman Frank Schmies for nearly 25 years, and it’s like he’s one of the family. He knows our fleet and our needs as a business.”

Both equipped with hydraulic attachment brackets, the L30G and L60G wheel loaders can switch between attachments quickly, allowing the machines to easily accommodate different jobs throughout the farm. Rhinmilch uses buckets that can hold up to 1.2 cubic meters of manure. But, the feed bucket, on the other hand, measures 1.6 cubic meters. So whether the machines need to fit the width of the stable entrance to deliver hay for hungry cows, or provide the disposal of manure, Rhinmilch’s Volvo wheel loaders provide a quick and easy transition between jobs.

Riestock has been buying wheel loaders from Volvo for almost 25 years, purchasing the company’s first Volvo machine, a Zettelmeyer ZL402 in 1992, just one year after the company was originally founded. Now with 87 employees, the Rhinmilch network consists of four companies specialising in agricultural produce. In addition to the seven Volvo wheel loaders, the company’s fleet includes 16 tractors, two combine harvesters, a forage harvester and mowers, drills, balers and fertiliser spreaders.