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Volvo impress in Georgia

A fleet of Volvo EC210B crawler excavators is helping to erect power line towers in the high-altitude, mountainous terrain of southern Georgia.

Georgian construction company Caucasenergo is currently engaged in a challenging project to construct power line towers in the most remote, mountainous regions of the country.

The high-voltage transmission towers are being erected 2,500m above sea level in Beshumi, a particularly rocky, hard-to-reach region with very limited access to roads. This mean all Caucasenergo construction equipment is required to be extremely reliable and proficient in off-road mobility.

Caucasenergo is therefore using a fleet of EC210B crawler excavators to carry out the work. They have proven to be efficient, convenient and easy-to-operate machines that can be adapted to any application.

“The Volvo EC210B excavators fully comply with the working conditions and are effective even in severe terrain conditions,” says Mandzhavidze Vakhtang, co-owner of Caucasenergo. “We began to cooperate with Volvo in 2014 and they have never disappointed us with their equipment offering.”

The EC210B features a strengthened undercarriage frame; reinforced boom; solid superstructure with double welded corners; and greased, sealed track link to prevent leaks and guarantee long life. It also includes easy access, centralised lubrication points for simplified, ground level serviceability and greater uptime.

“The Volvo machines are extremely reliable. They of course all require maintenance from time to time. For this, we call Elite Motors, our Volvo dealer based in Tbilisi,” says Gabriadze Levan, project manager at Caucasenergo. “Whenever they are needed, they are always there the following working day – sometimes even at the weekend – to help us resolve the issue. This means our machines never stop for long, keeping project downtime to a minimum.”

Working in such mountainous terrain, the machines need to be reliable and comfortable. The EC210B’s large and comfortable cab features ergonomic controls, vibration dampening and electronic climate control for all-day productivity.

“I’ve been operating Volvo machines for one and a half years and I really like how comfortable, precise and responsive they are,” says Kalandadze Kakhaber, an excavator operator on-site. “I would recommend Volvo to all operators of construction equipment.”

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