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Video Exclusive – Follow the Firefly

You certainly can’t fault Firefly for its ambition.   While other equipment manufacturers are still talking about “working in partnership with customers” and “delivering solutions”, the East Sussex generator producer has loftier goals, namely saving the planet.   “At Firefly our mission is to confront the causes of climate change by delivering innovative power solutions that provide cleaner energy.”

But there’s substance behind that plan.   With savings of over one million litres of diesel fuel in the last year, and nearly 2,700 tonnes of CO2 saved, Firefly’s Cygnus Hybrid Power Generator (HPG) range delivers just that. Hybrid power generation means significant reductions in fuel consumption, emissions and noise levels across a wide range of applications where endlessly and inefficiently running a diesel generator is the alternative. Cygnus Three (a smaller model in the range) has set the standard in hybrid power for temporary applications.  Many of Europe’s leading plant hire companies using Cygnus Three are regularly saving in excess of 2,000 litres of diesel per month.

Cygnus Four is set to top this in terms of providing diesel savings for the client, with predicted savings of up to 4,500 litres of diesel, the equivalent of saving up to £40,000 a year. However, what really sets Cygnus Four apart from the rest of the range is that it has been designed to make hybrid technology available to larger sites previously too big to benefit, suitable for diesel gen-sets from 100kVA up to 250kVA. The Cygnus Four also boasts 90kWh of energy storage and features the latest in cutting edge OPzV battery technology, providing 1,500 cycles with 80 percent D.o.D, double the life of standard AGM batteries.

The Cygnus Four was launched at the Executive Hire Show earlier this year.   As this was relatively recent, the unit has not yet been sent out to any construction sites. However, it has been well received by the construction industry, especially plant hirers that know how the Cygnus HPG range has helped them to save thousands of litres of diesel and meet their CO2 targets, as well as savings thousands of pounds. For example, Lee Stuart, Managing Director at Mather & Stuart spoke of the success of the Cygnus HPG range after their launch early last year:

“Our recent fleet additions of Cygnus HPGs are in constant use and are helping our customers to reduce their carbon footprint, decrease noise levels and to meet their environmental responsibilities. We can also provide clients with a detailed analysis of the CO2 reductions achieved, as well as the savings in fuel usage.”
In addition to the savings in diesel fuel and like the other models in the Cygnus range, Cygnus Four can also be connected to solar PV or wind turbines which provide intermittent power to the load and a stand-alone power system. The internal storage system ensures that demand is met when heavy cloud is present or wind speeds are low. If connected to a diesel generator, the HPG will automatically start it and transfer load if the HPG’s storage runs low. This means when coupled with renewable sources the Cygnus HPG range is capable of providing 100 percent clean energy, a truly sustainable rental product. For this reason, and the fact that the Cygnus Four will be saving up to 4,500 litres of diesel for clients each month, we feel it should be considered for best green innovation.

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