BAM Nuttall, the UK based supplier of civil engineering services, has opted to purchase twenty X-ECO lighting towers from the Cambridgeshire supplier, Trime (UK) Limited.

In order to validate the sustainable features that the Trime X-ECO highlights and with sustainability at the heart of their operations, the company evaluated a demonstration unit during a series of extensive field trials over a six week period.

“We were extremely impressed with the ease of operation of the X-ECO, Trime have succeeded in combining an evident reliable and robust machine with sustainable features and fuel saving capabilities,” says BAM Nuttall’s plant manager, Andy Haythorne.

“This is our first venture into LED lighting for our sites and we needed a set that helps to maintain our strong commitment to becoming a more sustainable and responsible business, in keeping with our Beyond Zero programme,” says Haythorne.

With storage and delivery facilities at capacity during peak operations, the compact size and relatively low weight of the X-ECO will bring immediate benefits to BAM Nuttall logistics operations. Up to thirteen X-ECO sets can be loaded on one single truck which, potentially, means an increase in their transport vehicle fleet utilisation

Trime engineers have calculated that the X-ECO uses approximately £336.00 less in fuel each month when compared to many lighting sets currently available. These savings equate to a reduction in C02 output by around 888kg per month.