Terex Trucks’ TA300 is helping to keep the Czech Republic’s leading aggregate supplier Kamenolomy in prime position.

Known for its snowy winters and warm summers, gothic castles, and long history, the Czech Republic is a natural wonder made up of rolling plains, hills, and mountains. Chief among its ancient territories is Bohemia which is home to the rural community of Zdechovice, where a Terex Trucks TA300 is working hard to move material at a quarry for leading aggregate supplier, Kamenolomy.

“We chose to go with Terex Trucks’ TA300 because in the past we’ve had a good experience with the brand,” says Pavel Houdek, engineer at Kamenolomy. “As a company, it’s important to secure a permanent increase in the scope of production to keep our customers happy, and we knew we could rely on Terex Trucks’ articulated hauler to offer us maximum return on our investment.”

A good match for the Czech Republic’s continental climate, the TA300’s leading tractive effort and effective power-to-weight ratio ensure material is moved as quickly as possible in all conditions – providing excellent productivity and low cost of operation. Created at the Motherwell factory in Scotland, the articulated dump truck will be in operation 12 hours a day transporting reddish biotite granite around the quarry. With fully independent front suspension as standard, tyre/ground contact is maintained regardless of the terrain, increasing tractive effort and reducing cycle times while also providing operators with a comfortable haul.

“The dump truck is simple to use and its fuel consumption is great but another key aspect of the machine is how well it is supported by ABM. We’ve had a good relationship with the dealer for five years and we’re consistently impressed by the team’s flexibility and willingness to help us out,” says Houdek.