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Bobcat takes groundcare

The staff at Specialised Groundcare offer a wide range of services from land clearing and site preparation for commercial and private developments and work on public spaces for local authorities to agriculture, woods/ground clearance, groundworks, drainage and estate/forestry management.

“As well as providing easier access to restricted sites, our fleet of Bobcat compact equipment often surprises people with the amount of work we can do with these machines,” says Max Pickerill, Director at Specialised Groundcare Ltd. “I launched the business in 1994 as a sole trader and we have always used Bobcat equipment right from the start. We hired equipment for a few years before we decided to buy our first machine – a second hand 341 excavator – which we replaced with a new 341 from Butler Reynolds a year later.”

“We have swapped between different Bobcat excavators ever since, including a Bobcat E10 micro-excavator and currently we have a new E62 6 tonne model. We run a wide range of attachments for use on the E62 including a tilt-rotator, grading beams, land rakes, root rippers and a tree shear.”

Specialised Groundcare also has a similar breadth of attachments for use with the new T870H, including Bobcat 4-in-1 bucket, box blade and forestry cutter attachments. The arrival of the new T870H loader has added a significant increase in hydraulic performance, enabling more work to be accomplished. The standard auxiliary hydraulic flow on the T870 is 87.1 l/min, but the optional high flow version purchased by Specialised Groundcare offers a much higher flow of 138.5 l/min, providing more power for work with attachments.

The T870H has replaced a second hand Bobcat T320H compact tracked loader purchased about 3-4 years ago from Butler Reynolds. The addition of the T870H reflects the latest growth in the scope of business at Specialised Groundcare business, as the company has moved from its origins in domestic landscaping to offering a much broader range of services encompassing projects of all sizes.

“We were pleased with the ground-bearing and other abilities of the T320H but the new T870H has provided us with a massive leap in performance, providing a better operator experience, a wider working range, greater output and higher capacities, coupled with greater stability for working with attachments such as the powerful Bobcat forestry cutter/mulcher,” says Pickerill.

Powered by a 75 kW (100 HP) Bobcat D34 diesel engine, the T870H compact tracked loader is the most powerful loader offering the highest lift height ever manufactured by the company. As a result, the T870H is a versatile alternative to much more expensive dozers, a fact that Specialised Groundcare exploits in using the T870H as a dozer for groundworks projects.

For Specialised Groundcare, the power and class-leading lift height of 3657 mm in the T870H loader are a superb alternative to telehandlers for shifting up to 1.5 tonne of muck at a time on agricultural contracts and loading it easily into lorry containers for removal from farms. The T870H compact tracked loader also has a rated operating capacity of 1584 kg, which is 7% more than that of the T320H model.

The forestry applications kit on the new Bobcat T870H loader protects both the machine and the operator from flying objects and debris and includes a laminated polycarbonate door, which must be installed in order for attachments such as forestry cutters to work. A safety feature stops the attachment from working if the loader door is opened.

The innovative Bobcat Roller Suspension™ system is a standard feature of the T870H model and, in combination with the excellent traction and low ground pressure provided by the rubber tracks, provides improved ride quality for the operator, improved performance and productivity and better durability for a longer service life and ease of maintenance.

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