Manfred Boer KG, based in Münster in Germany, has expanded its fleet of machines with the purchase of two new Doosan DL420-5 wheel loaders, which are in use in the company’s sand and gravel quarry in Dorsten.

The sand/gravel quarry lies hidden in the dense forest around Dorsten. Driving from the Manfred Boer KG office by the main road, the sand pit is located 2 km into the forest, along a narrow unpaved road. Here five wheel loaders, two trucks, two screening plants and a crusher work together approximately 10 hours a day, extracting high quality sand and gravel products.

“When it came to the purchase of the new wheel loaders, one of our staff mentioned his very good experiences with Doosan machines and that we should look at the Doosan range anyway,” says René Boer, head of the Dorsten. “Therefore, we spoke with Max Gutmann of Kraemer, the Doosan dealer based in Delbrück, and he provided a demonstration machine to test out in the quarry. The performance of that DL420-5 was very convincing, so we ordered two new Doosan DL420-5 machines in exactly the same configuration as the test machine.”

During the test period, each of the five wheel loader drivers at Manfred Boer KG worked intensively with the demonstration machine for several days each. The results were summarised in writing by the drivers and they evaluated the machine together. As a result of this, they unanimously agreed that the DL420-5 was exactly the right machine for use in the quarry, so at the same time the test machine was returned, the company immediately ordered two new DL420-5 wheel loaders from Kraemer.