Tasked with the job of ensuring Northwest Demolition’s machines are fit for purpose is Volvo Construction Equipment. With no specification too unusual, the manufacturer has proven instrumental in guaranteeing Northwest Demolition maintains sky-high results.

The company’s excavators, in particular, are tailored and purpose-built to take on a variety of demolition tasks. “We’ll often take a standard excavator and put an additional $200,000 into it to make it specifically suited to one of our jobs,” says David Williams, President at Northwest Demolition. “Having a machine that can dig a 30 meter deep hole one day and be shearing steel the next is what ensures our machines and our people are never under-utilised.”

A nuclear facility in Eureka, California, is just one example where a customised excavator was sent on a job. The work required the Volvo EC220 to be outfitted with remote control, including stainless steel high-temperature pipes with blowers that extract exhaust and heat away from the nuclear facilities.

“That’s a unique setup, just due to the nature of the site,” says Ed Kanable, sales representative at PacWest. “If any issues arise with the machine, we actually have 46 meters of ABS cables hooked up and run underground to a bunker where we connect the computer to the machine. If we have to go in and make a repair, it requires suiting up in full-body PPE equipped with video cameras and monitors.”

The company’s most recent equipment acquisition included the purchase of a new Volvo EC480E. “We took the EC480E base and modified it with a demo package, including heavy-duty doors, front corner guards, catwalks, underbelly guards, and a unique cab lift that raises up the cab and extends it forward by 2.5 meters, so it really looks more like a scrap handling machine,” explains Kanable. “Additionally, the EC480E was outfitted with a custom boom foot to allow the demo firm to connect a previously owned 29-meter boom onto the machine and still allow for converting it back to a standard boom as needed.”