A fleet of 10 Terex Trucks TR100 rigid haulers are outperforming the competition at an opencast operation in the heart of Russia’s mining industry – the Kuzbass. asics aaron Kuzbass is home to one of Russia’s most important industrial regions. adidas x Infamous for its long and cold winters, where temperatures can plummet to -35 degrees Celsius, the province has some of the world’s largest deposits of coal. Helping to keep the energy flowing through Russia, a fleet of 10 Terex Trucks’ TR100 rigid haulers are being put to work in the very heart of the country’s mining industry. nike blazer Selected for use by leading mining contractor Sovrenmennye Gornye Technologii (SGT), the dump trucks are working around the clock in an opencast environment. nike free The robust machines, which each have the capacity to bear a load of 91 tonnes, were delivered to SGT through Terex Trucks’ official distributor in the Russian Federation, Ferronordic Machines, in October 2016. nike air max 95 nike air max 97 With an ambition to become a major supplier to the Russian mining industry, Ferronordic first started communications with SGT when the company issued a tender to enlarge its fleet with rigid haulers. adidas zx flux pas cher adidas zx 500 Submitting a bid on behalf of the Scotland-based manufacturer, Ferronordic put forward a compelling argument for the Terex Trucks’ TR100’s abilities, as well as a competitive service offering. “Sovremennye Gornye Tehnologii was one of the first companies to employ Ferronordic’s services within the mining industry,” says Ferronordic Mining Director, Alexander Shmakov. “Alongside our ability to quickly supply quality products, we also provide high-quality maintenance, and the customer was satisfied with the proposed terms and conditions of our offering. So successful has this experience proven that it was one of the main triggers for the decision to purchase further machines from Terex Trucks.” The first two of the 10 rigid TR100s were assembled in just three weeks following their October delivery in kit form and quickly got to work on site. asics chaussures Since commissioning the trucks, SGT has recorded an increase in production, and noted that the Terex Trucks machines are easy to operate. The remaining machines arrived in Siberia in December and a skilled team of engineers from both Terex Trucks and Ferronordic worked against the elements to put the haulers together – and put them to work. “This was the first time that Ferronordic had assembled such huge machines”, says Anatoly Amons, chief technology officer at Ferronordic.