Sobotka is a town located in Lower Silesia, at the foot of Sleza Mountain – the highest peak in the region – in Poland. louboutin paris This area is rich in minerals and stone, while Sleza is composed mostly of granite and is part of the so-called granite massif, which stretches from Strzegom to Sobotka. Strzeblowskie Kopalnie Surowców Mineralnych sp. z o.o., based in Sobotka, is a company that is characterised by professionalism, long-standing traditions and a commitment to its industry. Today the company can boast a leading position not only in Poland, but also in Europe. In addition to a dedicated team of workers, this successful company has a fleet of proven, reliable equipment, including a new Doosan DL420-5 Stage IV compliant wheel loader. The quarry run by Strzeblowskie Kopalnie Surowców Mineralnych sp. z o.o. at Sobotka covers over 100 hectares of land from which four different deposits are basically extracted: two deposits of feldspar and two deposits of granite aggregates. The materials are quarried for use in the ceramics industry and prior to homogenisation of the material, all of the components are laboratory-tested. “Our laboratory equipment inspires admiration among foreign customers. We have developed a precise method of adding the appropriate amounts from individual deposits. Laboratory tests are held on a regular basis according to established procedures and our test plans are implemented depending on the type of production. adidas yeezy boost Our products must comply with data sheet and technical requirements, and we ensure repeatability for our customers. In addition, we need to determine chemical parameters and colour, which involves a lot of work,” Janusz Kozyrski, CEO of the company commented. “Our annual output ranges from 850,000 to 950,000 tonne.” “Our investments have paid off. We are the largest supplier of feldspar in Poland. About 1000 people enjoy the benefits of our quarry. nike air max 90 louboutin homme The local community also benefits from our operations as our good standing allows us to pay high taxes, and this matters as well. We also support our local athletes,” Mr Kozyrski added. “We had to purchase a large wheel loader to carry large quantities of material. In fact, we were looking for the so-called ‘big shovel’ with simple technical solutions. The price and the purchase contract were also important. Above all, however, we were able to test the machines in our conditions. This allowed us to fully assess the necessary equipment. “Based on this, we selected the Doosan DL420-5 wheel loader. adidas zx 500 The contact person responsible for the Doosan range is Krzysztof Pietryka, Regional Sales Manager at the dealer, Grausch&Grausch. They offered us an attractive deal for maintenance covering both the warranty period and post-warranty service. chaussure de tennis asics This machine performs very well. The equipment was dedicated specifically to the needs of our company. The loader was provided with a specially reinforced bucket with a capacity of 5 m3. The machine was also supplied with a counterweight. “Having met our goals, the machine has been trouble-free and I believe we made the right choice. An undoubted advantage of the DL420-5 is its high quality and the protection it provides against wear and tear. The lifting system is very strong and designed specifically for heavy loads. It provides optimum unloading angles along the entire range of movement, and its high tractive force facilitates loading,” says Mr. Kozyrski. “The DL420-5 loader is operated in our facilities in two shifts and by two operators. The machine is easy and pleasant to use. The Scania engine is compliant with Stage IV standards, providing high torque at low revs. The engine has an output of 345 HP, allowing the loader to excel in every area. The DL420-5 is very manoeuvrable and the five-speed ZF PowerShift gearbox, which is able to work in automatic or manual mode, along with the lock-up torque converter, provides lower fuel consumption. “In the DL420-5, the operator can choose between three different operating modes: Eco, Normal and Power, and the additional “Power-up” function allows intensive use of the work mode as it reduces the gear shifting time by fully pressing the accelerator pedal. Officiel Christian Louboutin The large cabin space, good visibility, air conditioning, reversing camera, the comfortable seat, central lubrication and the quick-fit connector are all elements that allow the operator to work for many hours in excellent conditions. adidas femme soldes Our operators have praised the comfort levels,” said Grzegorz Rojewski, who is responsible for equipment and the homogenisation plant. Mr Rojewski added: “In the past, many companies in Poland used second-hand equipment imported from abroad. In many cases, there comes a point where the cost of maintenance and repair of these machines exceeds their value. So more and more customers today are deciding to buy new equipment with the guarantee of maintenance and spare parts. This is true of the service offered by Grausch&Grausch, where the company’s knowledgeable service engineers are trained to solve problems in machines. In addition, the service centre is close and this suits us very well. timberland pas cher “The warranty period for our loader covers three years without any operating hours limit. The new machine has worked over a thousand operating hours without any fault.