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Pirtek shows the love with new glove

The velocity of fluid forced through a pinhole break in a hydraulic hose can be in excess of 250 metres per second (600 ft/s) close to the muzzle velocity of a gun. Fluid, released in a fine jet at this velocity is sufficient to penetrate through protective clothing, including protective gloves.

Skin penetration can occur up to 100 mm away from the fluid source and at pressures as low as 100 psi. The toxicity of the injected fluid leads to necrosis of the affected area, in addition compartment syndrome occurs, calling for the need for timely surgery. Compartment syndrome is caused when fluid under pressure, enters the hand causing nerve and tendon damage by over pressurising the compartments in the hand, including nerve and tendon compartments, which can lead to permanent damage. There is also a risk of blood poisoning and bacterial infection. Surgery is required in 100 percent of cases to remove the dead tissue and clean out the injected fluid from the wound. Failure to act quickly may result in the need to amputate fingers and limbs. The risk of amputation significantly increases if the wound is not treated within six hours.

But, Pirtek has devised a solution.

The Pirtek Fluid Power Glove, with its unique hydraulic injection resistant technology, is the only glove available today that offers protection against hydraulic injection injury as standard. The Pirtek 4041P Fluid Injection Glove is tested in accordance with EN388:2003, offers protection up to 700BAR (10,150 psi), and is the only glove of its kind in the marketplace.

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