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OnGrade goes Underground

OnGrade has signed a new contract to supply its Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) proximity warning systems, SiteZone EasyFit and SiteZone iNstant, on plant and delivery vehicles used on London Underground’s Four Lines Modernisation Programme. The SiteZone system will be used on construction plant involved in the re-building of signalling and control system infrastructure – this includes excavators and telehandlers. ugg australia pas cher London Underground is one of the first UK companies to specify the use of SiteZone iNstant, the UK’s first wireless RFID proximity warning system. asics chaussures It is specifically aimed at all delivery vehicles entering London Underground construction sites on the Four Lines Modernisation Programme. adidas gazelle pas cher nike air max 90 femme The SiteZone systems prevent collisions between pedestrians and vehicles, which is a significant safety hazard on busy construction sites. nike air max 2015 The pedestrian and vehicle transmitters communicate with each other, providing a full 360-degree detection zone and the ability to see around corners. The on-board receiver detects the location of tag-wearing personnel and alerts the driver and pedestrian to each other’s presence. SiteZone ‘EasyFit’ allows for straightforward installation of the proximity warning alarm system on plant. It enables smoother transfer between machines as an ‘express installation version’ yet has all the functionality of the standard SiteZone system. nike pas cher 2017 It is efficient and takes no more than about 35-40 minutes. baskets adidas zx 750 SiteZone iNstant goes one step further by being completely wireless, allowing for immediate use and protection without the need for a hard-wired installation. goedkoop nikes It is ideal for application on delivery vehicles coming into a busy depot or construction site where the danger of reversing into a pedestrian is increased. SiteZone has another key feature, it logs data to enable targeted training and continual improvement in site safety. By logging data of breaches into vehicle safety zones, SiteZone becomes a valuable management tool as well as an alarm system. nike roshe run It enables positive intervention while recording all data to help manage health and safety, both for individuals and the entire site. adidas ultra boost By using SiteZone’s data capture features, London Underground will monitor any workers’ behavioural changes towards safety awareness. When the OnGrade telematics system, Oversite is introduced to the project, data can be viewed live and reports can be generated daily across the 32 sites involved. “SiteZone continues to make a positive impact on improving site safety,” says Gary Escott, Director of OnGrade. “We have every confidence in the SiteZone system and safety awareness culture it creates wherever it is used.

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