The new DX17Z mini-excavator from Doosan is ideal for rental and urban construction sites with limited space. It is designed for all types of applications that require frequent mobility, compact size, powerful performance and a comfortable working environment for continuous work on confined space sites.

The 1.7 tonne DX17Z is a Zero House Swing (ZHS) mini-excavator offering easy transportability and more functionality than a Zero Tail Swing (ZTS) mini-excavator, in that ZHS fully protects the front upper structure corners within the swing circle. As a result, ZHS functionality provides 320° of free rotation while working close to any object.

When fully retracted, the undercarriage allows the excavator to go through narrow spaces; and when fully expanded, it provides optimum stability for the excavator − especially when working over the side. Expansion and retraction are simple and easy via an electric switch on the control panel.

The optional long dozer blade significantly improves front stability, enabling the operator to make full use of the breakout forces the DX17Z can deliver.

The extra stability is essential for making maximum use of the exceptional digging forces and lifting capacities available in the DX17Z. Optimum stability is achieved by fully expanding the retractable undercarriage and using the long dozer blade. With the firm foundation of optimised stability and lifting capacity, the DX17Z offers the highest versatility in operating a wide range of attachments.

The DX17Z is ideally suited to picking up and placing heavy items with safety. In addition, the DX17Z can be supplied with an optional certified ‘object handling device’, which consists of: a boom load holding valve, arm load holding valve, hooking device and overload warning device.

The dumping height of the DX17Z makes loading trucks an easy process, while the reach at ground level means the operator does not have to reposition the excavator as often as other machines when digging.

Incorporating the architecture of a 2 tonne class hydraulic system, with a combination of variable piston pumps and a gear pump, the DX17Z’s unique hydraulic system makes the best possible use of the engine’s power. Fast cycle times, combined with smooth control breakout forces, provide maximum productivity. Boom and arm cylinder cushioning – also unique in this machine class – enhance the overall smoothness of the workgroup.

The DX17Z has a standard operating weight of 1749 kg and a maximum digging depth of 2249 mm. In accordance with European transport regulations, the maximum towable weight for a BE license is 3500 kg. With a transport weight of less than 1.65 tonne, the DX17Z is towable on trailers for 2200 kg of total weight. Transportability is made even easier with the integrated upper-structure tie-down points. An automatic slew brake helps facilitate safe parking and transportation.