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New kids on the rock

If you’re in the market for a new hydraulic hammer, the Hillhead 2014 show would be a pretty good place to start; drawing together, as it does, most of the best-known names in the rock breaking business. But while all the usual suspects will be there, the fuss is likely to be focused on a new name in the hydraulic hammer business – Miller GroundBreaking.

Miller Groundreaking is a name that will be familiar to anyone that has owned or operated an excavator in the past 20+ years. The Cramlington-based company initially built its reputation on supplying buckets to the construction, quarrying, mining and demolition sectors. More recently, the company was at the forefront of developing a new range of “safety-first” quick couplers in response to the crackdown on semi-automatic hitches.

But when the doors open to the Hillhead 2014 exhibition later this month, the company will add a new string to its bow in the form of an all-new hydraulic hammer.

Although details of the hammer remain a closely-guarded secret, we do know that one model has been on an extended four month trial with demolition contractor MGL Group in Miller’s native North East of England. And, based on this exclusive film, it appears that the hammer has withstood the demolition environment extremely well.

So if you’re going to Hillhead 2014, make sure you visit Stand W20 to check out the new kid on the rock.

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