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Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe B.V. (KCME) will be using the GaLaBau international trade fair at Nuremberg on 14-17 September as a platform to present its latest mini excavators, including its Series 6 models, which are renowned for delivering high performance with exceptional fuel economy.

Mini excavators are key to Kobelco’s overall product line-up and the company is committed to providing the best machines it can in this popular smaller weight category. Kobelco currently offers a wide range of models from small 1-ton and short radius machines for compact job sites, to larger models up to 8.5-tons and special attachments such as the two-piece and offset boom.

The SK45SRX-6 was the latest mini excavator to be launched to the European market. The machine, which is powered by the latest generation Yanmar engine, ensures maximum performance while still meeting stringent emissions regulations, and delivers a 23% reduction in fuel consumption when used in S-mode (normal work) operation. Additional fuel saving comes with integrated hydraulic circuitry from the three on-board hydraulic pumps to reduce the overall engine/hydraulic workload while maintaining class-leading work performances.

The new SK45SRX-6 also features Kobelco’s innovative Integrated Noise and Dust Reduction Cooling System (iNDr), which greatly enhances serviceability by allowing easy access to the air filter now mounted in front of the radiator system. This reduces day-today servicing downtime and use of additional tools to clean the filter. In combination with the front-facing air inlet and under-slung exhaust system, iNDr also actively reduces on-site noise output, which is a necessary requirement when working in populated suburban areas. The machine’s short radius stature also makes it an ideal machine for compact urban job sites.

Visitors to GaLaBau will be able to see the new SK45SRX-6 model close-up along with the smaller SK28SR-6, SK30SR-6 and SK35SR-6, and the larger SK55SRX-6 machine from the Series 6 range. In addition, the SK10SR-3, SK18, SK75SR-3 and SK85MSR-3 models will be showcased at the event.

KCME Product Marketing Manager, Marcel van der Winden, said: “We’re delighted to be attending GaLaBau this year – Germany, Austria and Switzerland are important markets for us and we’re committed to continually developing our products to ensure that they are suitable for use within those countries. Mini excavators are important to our overall range and some models, such as the SK45SRX-6, feature many of the same technologies as our heavier machines. We’re looking forward to demonstrating our credentials in the mini excavator category at GaLaBau later this month.”

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