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Miller spends big

Miller GroundBreaking has invested almost £1.5 million overhauling its UK manufacturing plant.

The substantial investment has focussed largely on three key areas – productivity, service level and lead time reduction, which centralised on competitive bucket manufacture. This will ensure that the industry will continue to be serviced by a UK company with an absolute commitment to maintaining the highest standards of bucket manufacture here in the United Kingdom.

Following the initial investment this summer, some areas have already seen a significant increase in productivity; this is set to increase further as three additional new robots will be installed in the factory before Christmas.

The implementation of the latest robotic equipment to optimise capacity during busy trading periods, two plasma cutting machines and a dynamic parts storage system designed to increase manufacturing productivity are just a few of the improvements that have been made. This, coupled with planned stock building during quieter periods, ensures industry leading availability is guaranteed on all fast moving products.

To ensure the business remains a leader in groundbreaking products designed to meet customer needs, Miller continues to invest in research and development for both the home and overseas markets, providing a wide range of innovative products suited to an ever-changing global market.

Mike Askew, managing director at Miller, said: “This initial investment, which is part of a major long-term plan designed to guarantee that we can continue to provide high quality, competitively priced attachments. It demonstrates our commitment to manufacturing in the UK. Continual investment in our product range and manufacturing processes is vital to ensure we’re able to meet the needs of our customers while remaining competitive in a global marketplace.

He added: “We’re looking firmly ahead now and by creating a lean and efficient manufacturing process, we are confident that we’re ready to tackle any future challenges head on.”

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