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Mick George dials DL-7

The Mick George Group, a leading supplier to the construction industry in the East Anglia and East Midlands regions of the UK, have taken delivery of the country’s first new Doosan DL-7 wheel loaders. As well as four new DL420-7 models, the order includes two DL580-5 and a DL300-5 wheel loader all now working at quarries within the Mick George Group, with a further new DL320-7 wheel loader arriving in mid-January 2021.

The deal was confirmed just a few short weeks after Diggers and Dozers hosed a LiveStream show to announce the launch of these new machines.

The new wheel loaders have been supplied by Leicester-based Pioneer Plant Ltd, the new Authorised Doosan Dealer for Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and the PE and NG postcode areas of South Lincolnshire. Providing increased peace of mind for the Mick George Group, the high reliability and quality of the new wheel loaders are backed up by a 6000 hour service package provided by Pioneer Plant.

The story behind the new wheel loader order for the Mick George Group began when Pioneer Plant offered a demonstration of the Doosan DL580-5 wheel loader at the company’s very busy limestone quarry at Wakerley in Northamptonshire.

Michael Plant, Quarry Manager at Wakerley, said: “In the four days we had the demo machine it proved to be good on fuel, comfortable for the operators and kept up with the crushing plants and loading lorries. We knew from then, that if we were to purchase two DL580-5 models, the company would be able to save on costs in the quarry, replacing the three smaller wheel loaders the company previously used to keep up with the demand.

“The excellent performance of the demo machine and the fact that all the Doosan wheel loaders could be supplied very quickly and put to work immediately, made it an easy decision to buy the Doosan machines. At the Mick George Group, we are always busy, so we need wheel loaders we can rely on to help keep up with the high demand and reduce the cost of having to hire in.”  

All the new wheel loaders are being used for loading and stockpiling duties at quarries in the Mick George Group. As well as the DL580-5s at Wakerley, the DL420-7 wheel loaders have gone into operation at the Waterbeach and Mitchell Hill quarries in Cambridgeshire, the Ringstead Grange quarry in Northamptonshire and at the Crimplesham quarry in Norfolk. The new DL300-5 wheel loader is working alongside the DL420-7 at Crimplesham.    

Michael Plant added: “Since receiving the machines and putting them to work across the Group, all feedback coming from the operators has been positive – they believe they have speeded up loading times of HGV vehicles, they are burning less fuel and the traction the machines put into the ground has stopped wheel spinning which is going to save us money on tyres by increasing their life span on the machines.”

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