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Manitou jets ahead

When the Engineering Department of Thomas Cook Airlines based at London Gatwick were looking to source a totally flexible machine for operational usage in handling aircraft components and assisting in the removal of damaged parts on the airplane.

Manitou was the natural choice and the MRT 2540 Rotary Telescopic was selected as a truly multi- purpose machine which is equipped with a 3 metre fixed access platform with a 600kg capacity plus 3 persons. A winch is attached to the frame of the platform allowing up to 300kg capacity on the hook which is ideal for handling high value aircraft components. A trap door is fitted to the floor of the platform enabling the platform operator to position the basket over the area for maintenance. Drop down toeplates or kick boards ensures it is easier to work alongside the aircraft. Proximity ultra sound sensors are fitted to the platform to avoid collision damage as well as infra- red sensors which are located on the boom. Two metre blade length forks were supplied in addition to the standard forks for handling the loads laterally.

Cost management is critical to Thomas Cook Airlines and the Engineering Department at London Gatwick airport do not have a hangar to work on damaged airplanes and the cost of hiring a hangar is prohibitive. Crane operation is not permitted in the vicinity of the airport without the authority of the Civil Aviation Authority, which can take up to 4 weeks.
Therefore, the MRT 2540 is the perfect solution to avoid aircraft being ‘parked up’ for 28 days and the ‘on cost’ as of parking fees, fuel navigation fees and flight delay costs, as well as the general inconvenience, as it normally takes 3 days to get over any substantial delay .

The MRT2540 Rotary Telescopic has an impressive 25 metre lift height and 18 metre forward reach capability when the stabilizer legs are deployed, providing the operator with unrivalled access to all areas of the airplane including on top of the fuselage. The precision of the MRT boom is perfect for delicate handling movements of high value aircraft components particularly with the winch attachment to the platform. The pentagonal cross-section design of the telescopic boom is rigid thereby reducing lateral oscillation.

Manitou dealer Locators have worked very closely with Thomas Cook Airlines to ensure that the bespoke specification fits the criteria of the customer in a specialist handling application.

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