Loonbedrijf Jennissen (Netherlands) purchased a Liebherr R 926 crawler excavator in the Multi-User configuration with an extra-long reach for the construction of dykes and canals. This machine was not only chosen for the suitability of its features but also because of the many years of collaboration between Loonbedrijf Jennissen, Liebherr and local dealer Wynmalen & Hausmann.

With a Liebherr engine outputting 129 kW, the R 926 has a service weight of approximately 28 tonnes. The machine has an extra-long reach of 14.6 m, an 8.20 m monobloc boom and a 6 m arm. The excavator has a WLC frame and an impressive 7 tonne counterweight. At the end of the arm is a 1.45 m3 bucket with power tilt. Thanks to its large working range, the R 926 is used mainly for shifting and flattening large quantities of sand and gravel dyke to shore up dykes.

The average hourly fuel consumption of the R 926 multi-user varies from 18 to 22 litres, depending on how demanding the work is. This is an economical consumption figure that Dutch users will very much appreciate.

The multi-user series is developed and manufactured entirely by Liebherr-France SAS in Colmar, France, and is suitable for applications where a long reach is required.

There are seven models in the series including the R 918, R 922, R 926, R 936, R 946, R 956 and R 976 crawler excavators. Their deployed weight varies from 21 to 89 tonnes and their output from 95 kW to 400 kW. There are usually several multi-user configurations for each model to provide a greater reach and the right equipment for each application.

These machines are used for a wide range of applications including working on slopes when installing relief structures, such as for canals, and for excavation work at a distance or with a precise depth range.