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Long neck Doosan in Pole position


In Szczecin in Poland, a new Doosan DX300SLR-3 extended boom excavator has been purchased by Szczecińskie Kopalnie Surowców Mineralnych S.A. (SKSM S.A.), which is using the new machine on the Regalica trans-shipment wharf in Szczecin, primarily for unloading aggregate from barges. The latest purchase from the Doosan range of Stage IIIB compliant excavators introduced to the Polish market two years ago, the DX300SLR-3 excavator was supplied by Grausch & Grausch Maszyny Budowlane Sp. z o.o., the exclusive Authorised Dealer for the Doosan construction equipment range in Poland.

The DX300SLR-3 excavator has an operating weight of 31 tonne and is powered by a 6-cylinder Doosan DL08K 159 kW turbo-charged engine with Common Rail injection and a displacement of 7.6 l. The Electronic Power Optimising System (e-EPOS) used in the hydraulic system performs automatic RPM reduction and diagnostics functions, and ensures optimum power and fuel savings.

The machine is equipped with a one-piece, 10 m boom and a 7 m digging arm, which ensures a maximum digging depth of 13.78 m and a reach of 17.39 m. The chassis of the new excavator is more durable and provides greater stability. The type X frame and the type D backbone frame increase the strength of the machine.

The operator’s cab is very comfortable, featuring a vibration damping construction with excellent soundproofing (70 dBA compared to 73 dBA in the previous model) and is fitted with automatic climate control (5 modes and a temperature sensor) and a large (7 inch) colour LCD display making it possible to select the operating mode, and machine diagnostics, as well as state-of-the-art joysticks ensuring higher comfort for the operator and precise machine control. Moreover, the excavator is equipped with a pneumatic suspension seat allowing multiple adjustments, a CD player and a rear camera. The cab also provides more space than that on previous generation machines, ensuring considerably better conditions for the operator.

Jacek Ogórek, Director of Factory Production Control at SKSM and Regalica SKSM S.A. wharf, explained: “The aggregate is transported in barges from the Bielinek quarry near Cedynia and unloaded at the Regalica wharf into the storage yard. The new Doosan excavator removes the load from barges to form heaps, the extended boom enabling quick unloading of the barge, because the machine does not have to move or manoeuvre frequently. The excavator with a regular boom would take twice as long to do the same job. In addition, from what we have observed, the operator has a more comfortable working environment compared to the previous generation machines; for example, the seat suspension has been improved, among other things.”

This is confirmed by Grzegorz Pociej, one of the operators, who said: “I had operated the previous machine for about four years, and I was happy with it, but the new one has some additional advantages. The reach of the previous one was much shorter, so we had to drive it around a lot, but now with the new excavator, I hardly ever have to move it. It takes me three and a half hours to empty a 460 tonne barge.”

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