Amongst municipalities and service providers, Liebherr Stereoloaders have an outstanding reputation when it comes to demanding winter related tasks. Both of the recently introduced L 514 and L 518 Liebherr Stereoloaders live up to this reputation. With their new Z-unit bar linkage, they can work reliably in the battle against snow and ice with a variety of tool attachments. As “Speeders”, the new models can achieve a top speed of 40 km/h. Thanks to this and other innovations, the Liebherr Stereoloaders are an economical alternative to conventional snow clearing equipment. Use of the versatile wheel loader as a winter service machine reduces its down time in winter. Operators can thus benefit from increased productivity.

Their manoeuvrability is particularly useful if snow drifts are a hindrance to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Thanks to the stereo steering, even inner courtyards, narrow parking areas or narrow alleyways in residential areas can be easily and reliably cleared of snow and ice by machine operators.

As a customer option, Liebherr offers the new Emission Stage IV / Tier 4f-compliant L 514 and L 518 Stereoloaders as “Speeders”. In this version, they can achieve a top speed of 40 km/h. This enables municipalities and service providers to deliver quick and reliable winter services over long distances quickly and efficiently.

Liebherr has developed the robustness of the new models in various ways. For example, in the axles, where automatic self-locking differentials provide a high degree of traction on snowy and icy surfaces. The use of snow chains enable stable driving characteristics. The stereo steering also provides safety: The steered rear axle enabled Liebherr engineers to reduce the articulation angle of the Stereoloader from the customary 40° to 30°. This resulted in improved stability and security against tipping, as well as higher tipping loads.

In winter, the selection of the correct attachment depends on the weather situation and local conditions. Most commonly, municipalities and service providers use Liebherr Stereoloaders for winter services with a light material bucket, snow chains and a grit spreader. Equipped in this way, these manoeuvrable machines become especially versatile. The light material bucket is suitable for simple clearance tasks, as well as to load snow onto an HGV for removal.

With a hydraulically swivelling snow blade, the Stereoloaders can clear roads and tracks of compacted snow. Using a sweeper, they can move smaller amounts of loose, powdery snow. Larger amounts of snow can be dealt with using a snow blower. Thanks to the new Z-unit bar linkage and powerful operating hydraulics, the L 514 and L 518 can operate effectively with these and other attachments. In addition, a newly constructed hydraulic quick hitch makes equipment changing more efficient. In the winter operators really appreciate such convenience!