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Kubota on track with new KC Series

Kubota comes to the tracked carrier market with a four model turnkey solution that matches its mini excavator line-up. Each of the four models – KC70H, KC70HV-4, KC110HR-4 and KC250HR-4 – is powered by a fuel efficient and emissions compliant Kubota engine that will be familiar to just about anyone that has ever set foot on a construction site.

At the smaller end of the range, the KC70H-4 is just 758 mm wide, allowing it to pass easily through doorways, gates and between houses. Coupled with a simple ride-on operation, this model is ideally suited to the landscaping and house refurbishment sectors. The KC70HV-4, meanwhile, features the same OC95 diesel engine that again affords a power output of 7.1 kW but married to an extending undercarriage that still passes through a doorway when retracted but which provides a more stable base when extended to its full 1,058 mm working width.

The larger KC110HR-4 is powered by the Kubota D722 diesel engine delivering 11.8 kW and driving through a two-speed hydraulic transmission to provide a top speed of 5 km/hour. Once again operated from a rear-mounted foot plate, the KC110HR-4 has a 0.52 m3 capacity skip that rotates via a hydraulic slew ring and which is capable of carrying a payload of 1,000 kg.

The largest model in the Kubota tracked carrier range is the KC250HR-4, a full-blown model with a 2,500 kg carrying capacity that is an ideal match for a mini excavator in the Kubota KX080-4 class. It is powered by a Kubota V2203-M engine that produces 33.4 kW at a rated 2,300 rpm. The unit features a variable-speed, two-pump, two motor and clutchless hydrostatic transmission for smooth control throughout the power range.

This drivetrain provides the KC250HR-4 with a top speed of 11 km/hour and plenty of torque in more difficult terrain. The machine is operated from within a ROPS/FOPS canopy and features a deluxe reversing seat that allows the operator to drive with the load in front or behind, depending upon ground conditions and visibility requirements.

With its feet already planted in the construction, plant hire, landscaping and agricultural sectors with its field-proven mini excavator range, Kubota’s tracked carrier line-up make for a logical and ideal addition.

Full spec details for these models can be viewed by clicking the relevant links below:

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