S&R Landscapes is reaping the benefits of enhanced machinery performance thanks to the purchase of Kubota’s U27-4 mini excavator from BTE Plant Sales Ltd.

Due to the diverse nature of the work undertaken, S&R Landscapes utilise a wide range of specialist attachments specified by Exac-One, including tilt rotators, landscaping rakes, augers and rotating grapples to name but a few. It was the management of these implements that lead S&R Landscapes to invest in the Kubota U27-4 mini-excavator.

“Using different implements allows us to complete a number of different jobs in different applications, but the work involved in changing each implement can cause a lot of machinery downtime”, says Max Smith, Director at S&R Landscapes.

“The purchase of the Kubota U27-4 mini excavator has not only provided a much more powerful performance, but the machine also boasts twin hydraulic lines to run all our attachments. These hydraulic lines will automatically change the hydraulic hoses, meaning we can change each implement without having to leave the cab, allowing us to complete jobs far more efficiently.”

With the largest cab in its class, the U excavator series from Kubota is the most reliable and durable machine on the market to date, able to meet the demands of the toughest tasks in the tightest spaces with ease. In addition, the excavator utilises Kubota’s latest industry leading engine technology, designed to offer maximum fuel efficiency, minimal noise and vibration, as well as low emission levels that meet current regulations.

“We have been running the excavator for a few months now and the efficiency gains we have reaped in such a small amount of time are clear to see,” says Smith. “Combing the reliability and compact nature of the machine with simple implement changes allows us to meet any landscaping requirement quickly and efficiently.”