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JCB 2015 – Pole to Pole

The 4CX Polemaster+, from the world’s number one backhoe loader manufacturer, is the most versatile, cost effective and complete off-road pole-placing machine that JCB has developed. Able to dig, power an auger or a breaker and to carry, rotate and place wooden poles up to 750 kg, the Polemaster+ is the ideal off-highway pole-planting machine.

JCB has been present in the pole handling market for some time, but the 4CX Polemaster+ takes the versatile and powerful 4CX to a new level of versatility and productivity. Designed and engineered with input from existing customers, the 4CX Polemaster+ comes as standard with the JCB Rotaclaw bucket, a high-powered auger, side-mounted pole carriers, high flotation tyres and a handheld tool circuit, making it the most competitive machine in the power generation distribution marketplace.

The JCB Rotaclaw 5-in-1 bucket can dig, grab, grade, backfill and rotate. It can handle a range of wooden pole sizes up to 16m and offers 93 degrees of anti-clockwise rotation, allowing the operator to accurately place the pole particularly on uneven ground. The side-mounted pole carriers can handle two 14m 13m poles or a single 16m stout pole in off-road applications, reducing the need for a second machine on site. When used on the highway the pole carriers can be easily stowed in situ to reduce machine width.

With all of the operations carried out at the rear of the Polemaster+, digging the hole, positioning the pole and reinstating the surrounding area, plus the machine’s ability to carry two poles rather than one, there is less chance of damage to the field, cutting claims from land owners. Standard Powerslide excavator repositioning reduces movement of the machine, while high flotation Michelin Xeobib tyres are standard, further reducing possible damage to soft ground.

As all of the work is completed at the rear of the machine, the handheld hose reel has been repositioned through 180 degrees to allow hydraulic tools such as tampers, breakers and saws to be easily operated at the rear of the Polemaster+. This reduces the need for on-site powerpacks and generators, providing a single machine solution for contractors.

The 4CX Polemaster+ is powered by JCB’s class-leading Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB EcoMAX diesel engine, delivering 109hp (81kW). This drives through a four-speed powershift transmission with Torquelock, which provides up to a 25% fuel saving and a 10% time saving when roading the machine, with a top travel speed of 40km/h. The four-wheel drive machine has an all-wheel steering function offering two-wheel, four-wheel and crab steering modes.

The heavy-duty 4CX backhoe loader comes with heavy lifts rams for increased tearout and lifting forces. All hydraulic rams are equipped with hose burst check valves for safer operation and the Polemaster+ has twin bi-directional circuits to deliver more flow for attachments.

At the front, the loader has automatic return to dig, for faster loading cycles, Auto smooth Ride System (SRS) for increased load retention and operator comfort, ideal for transporting heavy palletised loads, such as transformers and wire coils over rough ground. The 4CX Polemaster+ features an integrated quick hitch with flip over forks and auxiliary loader pipework, to power the 6 in 1 shovel and also power sweepers, snow blades and other attachments to ensure you retain the machine versatility for which the Backhoe is famous.

As with many other JCB machines, the 4CX Polemaster + is supplied as standard with JCB’s LiveLink telematic tracking and monitoring system. LiveLink permits the fleet manager to monitor the machine’s performance and operating health remotely, with warnings of service and working issues. In addition LiveLink allows real-time tracking to permit rapid relocation in the event of a machine theft.

Traditionally there have been two types of pole planting machinery in use, namely on-road trucks with cranes and off-highway utility machinery. With JCB’s 4CX Polemaster+ contractors and power companies have a single-machine solution, that can travel to site under its own power and then carry poles, excavate the hole and position the pole without additional machinery.

The Polemaster+ offers contractors and network operators a low cost alternative that can boost productivity and performance on site, with the added advantage that it remains a JCB 4CX, one of the most versatile backhoe loaders in the world, that can be used for a host of other utility duties when required throughout the year.

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