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JCB 2015 – Piling on the pressure

Designed as a single machine solution for the piling industry, the 4CX PilingMaster is a road legal, rapidly-deployable machine with the ability to rotary bore piles to a depth of 14m.

However as the 4CX is not limited to piling operations, it provides the customer with a versatile multi functional machine to achieve improved levels of plant utilisation ; capable of digging, loading, excavating and operating with a host of powered attachments.

The 4CX PilingMaster is based on the versatile 4CX backhoe loader, with a detachable piling facility in place of the standard excavator dipper arm. Equipped with a high performance rotary head delivering a torque of 13kNm, delivering an effective drill force for pile diameters of 350mm to 600mm. The machine has the ability to construct 450mm diameter piles to a depth of 14 metres.

With JCB’s Powerslide system fitted as standard, this allows the operator to move the Piling rig assembly or the backhoe from one side of the machine to the other hydraulically. It is possible to construct a number of piles from a single position, cutting repositioning time, increasing productivity.

The 4CX PilingMaster has an operating weight of less than 11 tonnes, minimising the need for expensive and time consuming positioning of piling mats. With a powerful 165 litres/min full flow sharing hydraulic system the machine has more than enough power to multifunction while piling and the boom geometry permits close piling in restricted access, where larger piling equipment would struggle. The piling rig is capable of working with a range of piling and auger attachments.

Unlike conventional piling equipment, which is limited to a single task on site, the 4CX PilingMaster is equipped with a powerful front 6-in-1 front shovel which provides the ability to dig, load, grade and backfill; greatly increasing the machine’s versatility and productivity.

Integrated quickhitch forks also permit the operator to lift and carry palletised loads of up to 2 tonnes, while high ground clearance, a limited slip differential and large 28” tyres provide maximum traction in difficult ground conditions. 4 wheel drive along with three steering modes deliver maximum manoeuvrability in even the tightest site conditions and the piling attachment has a folded travel height of just 4m, for rapid relocation on road.

The 4CX PilingMaster is equipped with JCB’s proven EcoMAX diesel engine, providing 109hp (81kW). This drives through a four-speed powershift transmission with JCB’s innovative Torquelock system combining maximum traction and minimum fuel consumption. When combined with the optional Autoshift transmission customers can benefit from up to a 25% drop in fuel consumption and a 10% cut in journey times when travelling to and from site. The machine also benefits from JCB’s power braking system, reducing operator effort, and standard Auto SRS loader arm suspension for maximum comfort and load retention.

JCB’s ergonomically-designed seat-mounted excavator style controls provide fingertip control and maximum comfort for the operator. As the world’s leading backhoe loader manufacturer, JCB has equipped the 4CX with a full range of Automate features, each designed to cut time, cost and effort from operating the machine. These include Auto Daily Checks, allowing the operator to assess fluid levels from the cab. Auto Idle automatically returns the engine to idle speed when the controls are not in use, conserving fuel and cutting noise and emissions, while Auto Throttle returns the engine to the preset operating speed as soon the levers are re-engaged. Auto Drive automatically maintains a chose engine speed while roading, much like cruise control in a car. It automatically disengages if the operator touches the brake or the control switch.
The Auto Smooth Ride System (SRS) allows the operator to set and forget the loader arm suspension setting, with automatic activation and deactivation at a preset speed. At the rear, the Auto Boomlock feature means that there is no additional locking mechanism to disengage before using the backhoe, while Auto Stabiliser Up, as the name suggests, provides one-touch stabiliser leg retraction on machines equipped with servo controls.

The 4CX PilingMaster is equipped with large, anti-slip steps for easy access to the cab. The machine also benefit from LED lighting mounted to the piling rig to ensure clear visibility. Rear light guards are fitted as standard to prevent damage and there is a stabiliser warning system to alert the operator if the stabiliser legs are not fully retracted before the machine is moved. There are also large emergency stop buttons both inside and mounted externally on the machine, to protect operators and other personnel on site.

Thanks to the Auto Daily Check facility operators no longer need to physically check fluid levels from outside the machine on a daily basis. When service work is required, all filters and levels can be easily reached from ground level and the piling rig can be folded to ground level for easy checks and service access.

Refuelling is carried out at ground level and the machine is equipped with a lockable front grille that allows access to the battery and isolator switch.

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