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JCB 2015 – JS excavators get engine upgrade

JCB has engineered a Tier 4 Final/Stage IV emissions solution for its JS130 to JS235 crawler excavators, delivering lower emissions and improved fuel consumption, without the requirement for a costly Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). The company’s Heavy Products division has also taken the opportunity to improve access to the upper structure of the machines, delivering three-point access for operators and service engineers.

To achieve the US Stage 4 Final and European Tier IV emission standards manufacturers have to reduce harmful Nitrogen Oxides NOx by 90%, compared to the already low levels emitted by Tier 4 Interim models. To achieve this, JCB’s engineers have employed Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology with an integral Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) using a Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) most commonly known as AdBlue.

The SCR unit replaces the engine’s standard exhaust muffler. It reduces NOx in a chemical reaction using ammonia, which is found in the AdBlue solution. The DEF reacts with the NOx to convert the pollutants into nitrogen, water and tiny amounts of CO2.

The DEF, which is composed of purified water and automotive grade urea, is non-harzardous, but does require certain precautions in terms of handling and storage. DEF is available through many fuel stations and from JCB dealers, in 18 litre drums, 200 litre barrels and 1,000 litre or 2,900 litre storage tanks.

As DEF freezes at -11ºC, all DEF lines within the machine have electrical trace heating. The DEF module is also heated internally, while the storage tank on the machine is heated by the engine’s cooling system. On engine shut-down, all DEF in the pipes is purged from the system and withdrawn back to the storage tank.

Operators are warned of low DEF levels, around 15%, through the machine’s standard SMART control monitoring system. There is no risk of damage if the machine runs out of fluid, however to maintain emissions levels the excavator will go into limp home mode if the operator ignores low fluid levels and allows the DEF to run out.

Both the SCR system and the DEF are continually monitored by the machine’s SMART control system, with any issues being flagged to the operator as alarms and warning lights in the main dash console. In addition, as all JS models within Europe have JCB’s LiveLink telematic system fitted as standard, a message will be automatically transmitted to the customer to warn of low DEF levels and prevent unnecessary downtime.

JCB has also increased the diameter of the diesel tank filler neck with the fuel filler strainer up by 42% and the filler cap a full 28.5% larger for easier filling on site. A pop-up in-tank fuel level indicator has also been installed to prevent over filling. In addition JCB has installed fuel taps on the feed side of the fuel filters, to cut fuel loss during fuel filter changes.

The JS200 series machines have been upgraded with the use of the latest generation Kawasaki hydraulic pumps. This pump is 3 % more efficient than the previous model, producing a higher flow for the same revolutions. This had allowed JCB to reduce engine rpm for the same hydraulic flow, contributing to a fuel saving of up to 6% over Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB models.

The cooling pack has also been rearranged to increase capacity. The new layout is 34% larger with both the charge air cooler and the air conditioning condenser mounted on hinges to allow easy access for cleaning.

JCB has designed a new handrail layout that greatly improves access to the upper structure of the machine for regular maintenance work. The new step and handrail arrangement allows three points of contact at all times, when climbing onto or off the machine, boosting safety on site and reducing service downtime.

Further adding to the safe transport of the JS line, all Tier 4 Final/Stage IV excavators now come with revised tie-down points on the track frames that meet the new ISO 20474-1 regulations.

JCB is now offering a new Plus Pack across a wide range of crawler excavators, delivering an enhanced experience for operators and improving on site safety. The Plus Pack is principally designed to keep up with the ever growing demands of the UK market and will be rolled out across legislated countries. The Plus Pack will include the JS145LC, JS160LC, JS220LC, JS300LC, JS330LC and the JS370LC.

The Plus Pack includes a radio, refuelling pump, hammer pipework, climate control, six 1,200 lumen LED work lights, a rain visor, a full length sun blind, an upgraded operator’s seat with heating, air suspension and lumbar support. As well as an improved head rest, cup holder, tracking levers and additional footrests.

Externally, Plus Pack excavators will feature a black revolving frame and a PLUS decal on the cab door, to signify the higher specification.

JCB is also offering an updated safety pack, with a seat occupant activated green beacon, three amber warning beacons, a travel alarm, upper structure safety handrails and rear view camera. All features are factory fitted to meet increased safety requirements on modern construction and mining sites.

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