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Hydrema updates wheeled excavator range

Danish construction equipment manufacturer Hydrema has announced extensive upgrades to its range of wheeled excavators. The updated MX Series benefits from more power, increased torque and the new advanced Hydrema Telematics system as standard.

The upgrades apply to the entire series of MX wheeled excavators, consisting of the MX14, 16, 17 and 18, models ranging from 14 to 19 tons, and the two specialized railway excavators, MX16 Rail and MX20 Rail. The machines are all equipped with the latest Cummins Stage V engine with 175 hp, which fully meet the latest emission requirements. The exhaust gas is now treated in one compact unit, consisting of two catalysts and a particulate filter.

The new engine has 780 Nm of maximum torque. That’s 15 per cent more than the previous generation.

“This means the excavator has 165 hp available at 1500 rpm, so most work can be carried out with the lowest possible fuel consumption while keeping noise levels low. Wheeled excavators traditionally use many different work tools.

The MX wheeled excavator series is not least popular as compact city excavators, due to their ability to drive efficiently between workplaces. The transport speed is up to 35 km / h, while the increased engine power and torque come into its own when driving on roads or in hilly terrain.

Hydrema is also introducing an electronically regulated drive motor with an automatic retarder. With a new, updated power regulation and cruise control, it ensures optimal performance and comfort while driving.

Hydraulics with optimized slew function

Hydrema’s wheeled excavators have traditionally had a separate hydrostatic circuit for the slew function with a separate hydraulic pump. This makes it possible to regenerate the slew brake energy and keep the slew function completely independent of the other excavator functions.

Hydrema has re-engineered the slew function for smoother movements of the upper carriage. Angle sensors have been added, and new software continuously adapts the hydraulics and slew braking function for all loads.

The new G series has a comprehensive range of standard equipment. That includes automatic battery isolator, safe entry and exit cab lighting, two hydraulic circuits for implements and four LED work lights on the cab in Hydrema’s well-known lighting design.

The updated cabin with improved comfort that Hydrema launched last year is also mounted on the new G-Series.  The cab has, among other things, multi-adjustable armrests and a dual USB connector for charging.

Furthermore, Hydrema has added extended setting options in the dashboard for the integrated tiltrotator system and hydraulics attachments.

The newly developed Hydrema Telematics is included as standard on the new MX G series. The advanced Telematics system continuously collects data about the machine’s engine, transmission, hydraulics and other vital parts.

The information on, among other things, temperatures, oil pressure, fuel consumption and current fuel level is collected and displayed in the web portal or on the operator’s smartphone. The system also collects error codes to ensure that service and repairs can be performed as accurately and efficiently as possible.

In addition to the comprehensive standard equipment, Hydrema also offers a wide range of optional equipment for the new machines in the G-Series. For instance, seven extra LED work lights and an intelligent automatic lubrication system that adjusts the amount of grease needed to suit the working conditions.

A 360-degree camera can be selected to increase safety around the machine. It provides the operator with a better overview and visibility and is not least an important safety element when working in narrow places and in busy areas, downtowns and other crowded city areas.

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