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Hydradig is the ‘Go To’ Machine!

A JCB Hydradig 110W Wastemaster is helping RiverRidge – the largest independent waste management operator in Northern Ireland – to further improve operational efficiency at its materials recovery facility in its Maydown site in Londonderry.

Supplied by JCB dealer, Dennison JCB, the Hydradig is being used to undertake a range of core duties, including loading and unloading lorries, sorting waste materials, delivering loads to RiverRidge’s shredders and ensuring that the site is kept tidy at all times.

At the Maydown site, a range of industrial, domestic and commercial waste is refined and turned into alternative fuels, which are exported by RiverRidge to users across Europe and Scandinavia.

The JCB Hydradig 110W Wastemaster has been designed to meet the demands of any waste and recycling environment. With its engine, tanks and ancillaries located within the chassis, the vehicle offers excellent visibility, stability, manoeuvrability, mobility and serviceability.

“The JCB Hydradig is our ‘go to’ multi-purpose machine for a broad range of tasks across the facility. It has improved our operations on site due to its compactness and manoeuvrability around the site,” says Don McColgan, RiverRidge’s maintenance and facilities manager. “This machine has also enabled us to sort bulky waste, a task that prior to now involved manual labourers in conjunction with machines. As a result, we have seen huge health and safety benefits as well as time savings.”

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