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Hawk swoops for Bell ADT

Hawk Plant Hire’s extensive fleet has been further enhanced with the addition of a new Bell Equipment B40D ADT.

The economical model, purchased for general plant use, has recently joined an existing fleet, comprising of over 2,000 leading name vehicles and machines, and is reportedly performing well for Hawk Plant – one of the largest independent plant hire companies in the United Kingdom.

To maintain its reliable reputation, Hawk prides itself on operating an ongoing equipment renewal programme. This ensures clients hire only modern, reliable equipment that is efficient, productive, and compatible with the highest safety regulations.

To further develop this programme, Hawk was looking to secure a new articulated dump truck that would better its taskforce capabilities. Extensive discussions with Bell Equipment, exploring the proficiencies of the BD40, led Hawk Plant to invest in its first Bell machine, a decision explained by Director and General Manager, Paul Allman:

“Our reputation rides on over 40 years’ experience in the plant hire industry, and the trust our customers have placed in us during that time. Our clients expect to hire machines that are not only current, but also efficient, technologically advanced and allow them to perform their trades to the highest level possible. For that reason it’s imperative that any machine we purchase for client hire makes its mark on site, and delivers the results our customers are looking for. We felt the BD40 would meet with that requirement.”

Allman goes on to say that buying with Bell Equipment had been in the pipeline for a while, and that Hawk Plant had been looking for an opportunity to put a Bell ADT through its paces.

The decision to choose the B40D model was made on the back of its high performance and extremely efficient Mercedes Benz diesel engine, which complies with EU emission standards using Blue@dvantage emissions technology.

A machine designed to achieve a long-term lifespan, the B40D can also keep performing when conditions deteriorate, and deliver the lowest cost per tonne.

“The new B40D is now working alongside our other plant trucks and is delivering the results we’d expect,” Allman concludes. “It’s been a sound decision to bring Bell into the fleet and we expect to receive exceptional service and efficiency from the truck now and in the future.”

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